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Saint Gaspar Del Bufalo

"The year of Gaspar's birth, 1786, saw many struggles in Europe; governments dying, and the Church struggling against the reign of Napoleon.

Gaspar's early life was marked by sickness. In his teen years, he showed a great interest and concern for the poor, the sick and the imprisoned. He visited the hospitals and the gatherings of the poor people in the open markets. He took an avid interest in the social problems of the times.

Gaspar refused to take the oath of loyalty to Napoleon and was exiled. During this time his devotion to the Precious Blood--the source of life and healing--became stronger. Eventually he came back to Rome and was called upon by Pope Pius VII to reach out to a particularly dangerous area south of Rome. This area was under the siege of gangs of terrorists. Attempts to restore order by the French government and the Papal authorities failed. Gaspar and his missionaries went, unarmed, and restored order to the region.

On August 15, 1815, Gaspar founded the Missionaries of the Precious Blood. This new
community was not bound by vows, but by the "bond of charity." The small group began preaching
missions and retreats to bring the life-blood of Jesus to a "dying" people and a frustrated clergy.
The concern for the poor and neglected of society was never to be forgotten.

Gaspar's dream--to bring an awareness of the life-giving power of the Precious blood of Jesus--had
begun. That life-giving dream still continues to be lived out by the members of the Missionaries of
the Precious Blood.

Gaspar died on December 28, 1837 and was canonized on June 12, 1954. His feast day is
celebrated on October 21.

From the Missionaries of the Precious Blood Inquiry Handbook.

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