Business Management Program      



Program Director: Steve Varela, M.B.A.
Faculty:  Thomas Daniels, M.B.A.; Robert Deloney, J.D.; James Fattore, M.B.A. (Professor Emeritus); Joseph Ferrallo, M.B.A.; Tony Franco, M.B.A.; Paul Fuscoe, M.A.; George Grzesiowski, M.BA.; C.P.A; David Kasper, M.B.A.; Desila Rosetti, M.S.A.; Alan Valente, M.B.A.

The Business Management Program offers a B.S., an A.S., and a Certificate in Business Management.


Business Management Program Mission

In support of the College mission, the Business Management Program helps students develop knowledge, skills, and values related to becoming competent managers and successful candidates for entry into graduate school. Further, the faculty aspires to be on the leading edge in providing quality, relevancy, and innovation in its preparation of students.


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