Computer Information Systems      CIS bachelor's degree



Program Director: George Schaefer, M.S.
Faculty:  James Ballmann, C.PP.S., M.S.; Darren Henderson M.S., Kurt Jordan, M.S.

The Computer Information Systems Program offers a B.S. and an A.S. in Computer Information Systems (CIS), a B.S. in Management Information Systems (MIS), an A.S. in Computer Applications and a Certificate in Business Data Processing. The A.S. in Computer Information Applications emphasizes the development of structured application programming skills. The A.S. in Computer Information Systems emphasizes the development of computer-based information technology management skills. The Certificate in Business Data Processing is designed as a threshold experience suitable to the degreed and non-degreed individual.


CCENT/CCNA Certification Course


Computer Information Systems Mission

The Computer Information Systems curriculum is primarily concerned with the application of the system development life cycle to business-oriented, computer-based systems. Therefore, the curriculum is designed to develop a clear understanding of the foundations of business computing environments as well as the new and threshold technologies of information processing and control. The CMIS Program's core curriculum includes the study of system analysis, structured system design and logic, structured programming concepts, and current as well as emerging technologies. To complement this core curriculum, a selection of courses in other technical and business areas pertinent to the development, implementation, and maintenance of information systems in a variety of organizational settings are included to develop a holistic curriculum content.