Criminal Justice Program      Criminial Justice bachelor's degree



Program Director: Allen Brown, J.D.
Faculty:  Gary Bell, J.D.; Philip Benson, Michael Bosch, J.D.; Patrick Ellis, M.P.A.; David Gladish, J.D.; Han Kwak Ph.D.

The Accounting Program offers a B.S., an A.S., and a Certificate in Accounting. The program is committed to providing a wide range of topical matters which will allow our students flexibility in career choice and/or provide the tools necessary for successful admission to graduate school. The program seeks to develop professional and practical scholarship through exploration of fundamental and contemporary issues, including those dealing with ethical issues. Such an education provides the graduate with a background suited to meet the needs of a challenging job market.


Criminal Justice Mission

The Criminal Justice Program prepares students for entry-level positions at local, state, and federal levels and successful completion of graduate studies or law school. The program accomplishes these goals through a course of study that emphasizes:

1. Mastery of the theoretical and skill foundations necessary for entry-level professional employment in the criminal justice field;
2. Familiarity with the codes of professional ethics and the ability to apply these principles to ethical problems encountered by the criminal justice professional; and
3. A broad-based program of general education that prepares students for successful completion of graduate studies or law school.

Vision Statement of the Criminal Justice Program

The Criminal Justice Program seeks to develop students who will have a positive impact on their communities by returning as correctional officers, police officers, probation officers, attorneys, and judges who demonstrate a strong commitment to social justice with a special concern for the poor and disenfranchised.