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What English Majors Do for a Living

Some fields, such as nursing, provide students with a ready-made job upon graduation. By contrast, English Majors design their own job. They forge a personalized career path by determining their goals and then developing their skill set to achieve these goals.

For example, English Majors who would like to work in digital media must also have a solid technical background in graphic design and computer programming languages. Students who wish to become professors of English need to pursue a graduate degree and become skilled in academic research.

There are literally dozens of potential career paths for English Majors, but it is up to each individual to establish clear career goals and to seek the additional skills necessary to achieve these goals. Here is a list of some of the career possibilities available to English Majors:

Journalist, Novelist, Poet, Essayist, Speech Writer, Ghostwriter, Screen Writer, Periodical Writer, Technical Writer, Grant Writer, Blogger, TV/Radio Writer

Marketing Communications Manager, Publicist/Public Relations, Fundraiser

Magazine (Trade and Consumer) Editor, Literary Journal Editor, Web Content Editor

High School English Teacher, ESL Teacher, English Professor (Literature, Creative Writing, Rhetoric and Composition or English Education), Tutor

Literary Agent, Book Editor

Copywriter for Print, Direct Mail, TV, Radio, Internet, Social Media

Paralegal/Legal Assistant, Lawyer

Librarian, Researcher, Politician


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