English and Professional Writing Program

B.A. in English with a Literature Concentration (119 hours)

B.A. in Literature
All students in the major share a common core of literature and writing courses, but the program allows students to concentrate further. Students can earn either:

  • The B.A. in English with a Literature Concentration, which focuses on literature and the intellectual skills of reading and understanding literary and other texts or
  • The B.A. in English with a Creative Writing Concentration, which focuses upon writing and the creation of literary and other texts or
  • The B.A. in English with a Business and Organizational Writing Concentration, which focuses upon producing technical writing appropriate for the fields of business, law enforcement, computer technology, and medicine, among others.

  • Students pursuing a degree in any of the English and Professional Writing concentrations are required to maintain a 3.0 G.P.A. in their majors courses.

    The following courses are required for a baccalaureate degree with a Literature Concentration:

    1. 54 hours: General Education

    2. 15 hours: Requisites for the Concentration
    3. • ENGL 250 Introduction to Literary Studies
      • ENGL 255 Foundations of Western Literature
      • ENGL 265 British Literature
      • ENGL 275 American Literature
      • ENGL 320 History and Study of the English Language

    4. 28-30 hours: Upper Level Courses in Major
    5. • ENGL 310 Shakespeare
      • ENGL 325 The Literary Essay
      • ENGL 350 Business Communications
      • ENGL 370 Literary Theory and Criticism
      • ENGL 425 Greek and Roman Classics

      Two Courses from the Following
           o ENGL 440 20th Century Poetry
           o ENGL 450 The Novel
           o ENGL 460 The Drama
      •ENGL 495 Internship in English
      •ENGL 496 Topics in Literature
      •ENGL 499 Senior Seminar in English

    6. 21 hours: Electives

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