English, Writing, and Professional Communications

Mission Statement

The English, Writing, and Professional Communications program develops in students a mastery of the English language, an appreciation of its literatures, and the technical skills to work in modern communications. Built around a core of writing courses, the program teaches students to communicate with clarity, purpose, and style. It prepares students to work in a variety of 21st -century communication careers, pursue a viable writing profession, live a meaningful life, and serve their community. By providing both foundational and elective courses in literature and writing, the program also serves the College’s General Education Program. Finally, through a variety of student publications, clubs, and special events, the EWPC program creates a vibrant community for literature, writing, and communication both on campus and in the community.

The English, Writing, and Professional Communications program offers an Associate of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. The Bachelor of Arts degree in English includes concentrations in Literature, Creative Writing, and Communications. In a set of core writing classes, students master the fundamentals of clear English composition, revision, and editing, then practice and apply these skills across a curriculum founded on experiential learning projects. Depending on the concentration, students then specialize in literary analysis, creative writing, or digital communications. All three degree concentrations ground students in the writing and reading skills necessary to pursue careers in writing, editing, publishing, teaching, advertising, public relations, social media, and technical writing. The Bachelor of Arts degree in English is also a strong undergraduate degree for those pursuing graduate studies in English, a career in teaching, or entrance into law school and a variety of other graduate programs.

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Program Director: Christopher Buczinsky
Room: 177
Telephone: (219) 473-4250
FAX: (219) 473-4259