English and Professional Writing Program

Mission Statement

The English and Professional Writing Program seeks to develop in students a mastery of the English language and an appreciation of its literatures so that they might work in a viable profession, live a meaningful life, and serve both the community and the cause of social justice. The program serves the College's General Education Program by providing both foundational and elective courses in literature and writing. Finally, through a variety of student publications, clubs, and special events, the program creates a vibrant community for literature and the arts both on the College's campus and in the surrounding community.

The English and Professional Writing Program offers an Associate of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. The Bachelor of Arts degree in English includes concentrations in Literature, Creative Writing, and Business and Organizational Writing. All three degree concentrations ground students in the reading and writing skills necessary for entry into a variety of professions. In the English Program, students read the great stories and poems of the American and English traditions, study the foundations of narrative in the Western literary classics, and explore contemporary literatures of diversity. Through close analysis of literary masterpieces and sustained practice in writing, students master the English language, allowing them to pursue careers in writing, editing, publishing, teaching, advertising, public relations, business administration and management, and technical writing. The Bachelor of Arts degree in English is also a strong undergraduate degree for those pursuing graduate studies in English, a career in teaching, or entrance into law school and a variety of other graduate programs.

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Program Director: Christopher Buczinsky
Room: 519
Telephone: (219) 473-4250
FAX: (219) 473-4259