Philosophy and Religious Studies Program      Religious Studies bachelor's degree



Program Director: Joan Crist, Ph.D.
Faculty: Kevin Considine, Ph.D.; Joan Crist, Ph.D.; Rev. Timothy Dotson, M.A., M.S.; Richard Morrisroe, J.D., D.Min.; Laura Mannion, EdD, CFRE; Michael McGehee, M.A.; Sandra Morgan, M.Div.; Fr. Kevin Scalf, M.Div.; Rev. Deborah Scott, M.Div.; John Shields, Ph.D.

The Religious Studies Program offers a B.A. in Religious Studies and an A.A. in Religious Studies. The courses are designed for and available to all students and for those who wish to major or minor in the discipline. The Religious Studies Program takes a contemporary, critical, and open approach. The courses focus on the Bible, the wealth of Christian tradition and history, current theology, spiritual life and the practical and social applications of theology. The Religious Studies Program integrates Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox traditions and studies Judaism, Islam and other Eastern religions in an academic atmosphere.


Religious Studies Mission

The Religious Studies Program at Calumet College of St. Joseph engages the student in the reflexive intellectual exploration of the fundamental realities and interrelationships of God, self, and world.

Vision Statement

  1. To broaden and deepen the student’s knowledge of religion.

  2. To reflect upon religious experience in the contemporary world.

  3. To think more clearly about some of the great questions about human existence.

  4. To understand more completely one’s own religious traditions.

  5. To make thoughtful and reasonable decisions about issues of faith, value and practice.


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