Biomedical Science Program      



Program Director: Dr. Sandra Chimon Rogers

Faculty: Ahmed Lakhani, Ph.D., Sandra Chimon-Rogers, Ph.D., Fiona Groninger-Poe, Ph.D.,


Biomedical Sciences will provide our students with the top of the line preparation for careers in health care including, but not limited to, nursing, medical, dental, optometry, public health, pharmacy, pathology, occupational therapy and physical therapy. Our students would also be prepared to apply for a graduate degree in biology, chemistry, or biochemistry if they so incline to do so. Our faculty members are committed to excellence in learning and teaching, service to the community, research and scholarship, with as much student involvement as possible. We value and encourage supportive relationships with our community partners, and instill an attitude of lifelong learning for excellence in health care and for improved quality of life for those we serve.

The biomedical science program will allow for our students to be prepared for various future goals in the health field. As a Biomedical Science graduate, students will find careers in medical technology, research science or medical sales, as well as technical careers in hospital laboratories, universities and research institutes.


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