Outcome Objectives for the Biomedical Science Program      

In order to properly prepare our students for medical school, physical therapy school (which most of our Exercise Sports Science majors want to do), nursing school, dental school, graduate school of any kind and/or industry, there are a set of standard courses required by the graduate programs within the Midwest in order to just be considered for the primary application process. After careful analysis and detailed discussions with local and surrounding graduate programs, a new checklist has been acquired. This checklist/program will allow the students to be best prepared for the application process for any program they decide to tackle upon graduation. As we all know, we start off coming into college with one dream in mind, but only after being exposed to topics in that field, a change of heart may take place. This will allow the student(s) who want to be physical therapists, for example, and later find out that they have a natural knack for nursing, to apply for that graduate program without needing to take any additional courses. They will be ready for anything in the medical field and/or graduate school (in the areas of chemistry, biology and biochemistry, to name a few) and industry with the proper laboratory techniques that are required.


Career Options with this major include but are not limited to:

  • Work as a research scientist for petroleum based companies

  • Work as a research scientist for pharmaceutical and Biotech company.

  • Work as a forensic scientist.

  • Work as a research scientist for a cosmetic company.

  • Work as a pharmaceutical sales representative.

  • Work as a medical science liaison.

  • Work as a scientific editor/journalist.

  • Prepare for application to graduate school, medical school, physical therapy school, occupational therapy school, nursing school, pharmacy school, veterinary medical school, and dental school.