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Organization Management Courses (ORMN)

ORMN 405. Dynamics of Organizational Behavior
3 hours
Develops an understanding of behavior of the individual, group, and system level. Promotes exploration of understanding of self, the cohort group, and Calumet College of St. Joseph as models of the three levels. Promotes an understanding of the similarities and differences between groups and teams. Working through group problems will be emphasized.


ORMN 408. Marketing
3 hours
Introduces the managerial approach to marketing. Includes the study of markets, institutions and the environment in which business enterprises operate.Emphasizes marketing decision processes regarding the marketing mix, marketing programs and selected applications.


ORMN 415. Economics for Managers
3 hours
A survey of the field of economics as it relates to the manager. Designed to provide a basic understanding of the principles, concepts, and operational aspects of our economic systems and the role economics plays in daily business.


ORMN 421. Writing and Research Development
3 hours
This course examines written communications as a professional skill with extensive practice in the forms of written communication unique to business. Research skills are identified and developed by completing a research paper in a selected area of management.


ORMN 425. Communication in Organizations
3 hours
Identifies the formal structure, channels, and mechanisms for communication and the informal process of communication within an organization and its environment. Explores the dynamics of communication in and between organizational work units and how employee, supervisory, and management roles and perspectives affect communication.


ORMN 431. Business Mathematics
3 hours
This course reviews business mathematics and introduces methods, techniques and the applications of quantitative tools to logical decision making. The area of study includes: bank services, payroll, mathematics of buying and selling, statistics, discounting, and compound interest.


ORMN 435. Liberal Studies I
3 hours
An introduction to liberal arts as acts of critical inquiry. Students will become acquainted with classical forms of drama that lie behind much of the tradition of Western thought, as well as some modern approaches.


ORMN 440. The Management and Supervision Human Resources
3 hours
An examination of human resources management including: Human Resource Planning, Staffing and Selection, Benefits and Compensation, Safety and Health, and Employee Relations. Economic, social and legal constraints on the performance of these functions are explored. Practical applications of work in recruiting, job postings, benefits programs required, and negotiation will be incorporated in this module.


ORMN 443. Supervisory Management
3 hours
Emphasis will be on the supervisory role. Students will learn to understand the unique role that a supervisor plays in areas of performance management, decisions in downsizing and development. Techniques for dealing with disruptive behavior are addressed in this course.


ORMN 445. Essentials for Accounting and Finance for Managers
3 hours
A study of the accounting process to enable the manager to work effectively with accountants and financial managers. The use of accounting data, financial statements, budgets, and MIS data are surveyed.


ORMN 447. Information Technology for Management
3 hours
In the growing marketplace, evolving businesses and organizations depend on advancing and developing their products and services through the effective integration of information technology throughout their organizational structures. This course is designed to help students understand and be able to implement information and communication structures on which businesses depend. This course will also allow students to gain a foundation with a systems view of Information & Technology Management.


ORMN 450. Liberal Studies II
3 hours
Continues the introduction to liberal arts, impinging on areas that might be categorized as "social science" as well as "humanities." This course introduces students to critical social analysis.


ORMN 455. Business Ethics, Social Responsibility and Management
3 hours
The application of theories of ethics to contemporary problems of business and professional practice. Emphasis is focused on the social responsibility of corporations and individuals within corporations and the relationship between the professional and public responsibilities.


ORMN 460. Strategic Management
3 hours
An examination of models in management planning and decision making to enable students to develop an understanding of strategy formulation and implementation.


ORMN 463. Integrative Project
3 hours
This is a capstone course where students will analyze and complete a case study designed to integrate the following disciplines: Marketing, Financial, Accounting, and Management.


Human Resource Concentration

ORMN 467. Employment Law and the Workplace
3 hours
This course will review key legislation affecting: employee rights, privacy, and consumer protection. Legislation regarding equal employment opportunity, affirmative action, gender discrimination and harassment will also be reviewed.
Legal employment practices and wrongful termination and employer defenses against legislation will also be covered.


ORMN 470. Compensation and Benefits
3 hours
This course provides an in-depth treatment of pay and benefit practices, including job evaluation, salary surveys, individual and group performance-based pay, health insurance and pensions. The objective of this class is to help line managers and human resource department staff members understand pay/benefit plans and community them effectively to employees. Theory and practice are combined in practical projects.


ORMN 473. Labor Relations
3 hours
This course is a study of the American labor force: measurement, characteristics and behavior under changing income, employment and technology. An examination of recent labor market developments provides the basis for a critical analysis and appraisal of contemporary wage theory. Topics include changes in the labor force, unemployment, water determination, the minimum wage, internal labor markets, productivity, discrimination, unions, and collective bargaining. Key legislation affecting employees and labor relations are also reviewed.


ORMN 476. Training and Development
3 hours
This course is an intensive study of personnel training and development in contemporary organizations. Emphasis is placed upon the identification of training needs, program design, choice of training methods, and evaluation of results. Classroom activities focus on application, with students designing and presenting training seminars.


ORMN 480 Strategic Management of Human Resources
3 hours
This course will help students understand how the management of people is influenced by the social, ethical, and legal environment; by diversity in the work place; by the organizational culture; and by the firm's overall business strategy. Students will learn how to perform the following activities: selecting employees; career development; evaluating and rewarding performance; and managing conflict.


Additional optional course offerings are available to all students enrolled in the Degree Completion Track of the College's accelerated undergraduate programs. These courses are delivered in a similar format to other accelerated courses, usually 5 weeks long, 4 hours one evening or Saturday per week, and reflect thesame tuition rate charged for all of the College's accelerated classes. These courses are designed to assist students in the meeting their credit hour requirements. Contact your Accelerated Academic Advisor for information regarding the optional course offerings now available.

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