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Masters of Arts in Psychology



Program Director: Joseph Kovach, Psy.D.
Faculty: Joseph Kovach, PsyD., David Plebanski, Ph.D., Eileen Stenzel, Ph.D., Charles Bright, Ph.D., Margaret Dust, Ph.D., A. Yanina Gomez, Ph.D., Martha O’Danovich, PsyD, Leslie Rittenmeyer, PsyD., Barbara Butcher, M.A
Program Advisory Committee: Barbar Butcher, M.A., Yvonne Dolan, M.A., Alan Long, Ph.D., Jeanette Shutay, Ph.D., Martha O’Danovich, PsyD.

The Master of Arts degree in Psychology at Calumet College of St. Joseph reflects a two-tiered approach that incorporates a combination of theoretical and clinical practices that embodies several distinguishing characteristics:

  • Classes are offered in a concentrated format over 7 or 14 week time periods. Students complete two courses over the 14-week time periods consistent with the CCSJ's traditional spring and fall semesters. It is anticipated that students would also take at least one course each summer.

  • A core staff of Ph.D.-credentialed faculty, with extensive professional expertise would provide instruction and the classes are uniquely responsive to the rapidly evolving nature of the profession.

  • The Terminal Project course will prepare students to sit for professional licensure or certificates offered by the states of Indiana and Illinois.

Ideal candidates for this program are professionals in education, human services, healthcare, business, and government sectors among others. Consequently, graduates of the Master of Arts in Psychology program could aspire to a broad range of jobs in middle and upper-level practice in a number of psychological related fields.

Mission Statement of the Masters in Psychology Program

The Master of Arts in Psychology Program at Calumet College of St. Joseph prepares individuals to achieve academic and professional success. Students develop appropriate skills, knowledge, and values for continuing their education at the doctoral level or to enhance their careers in health, education, business, social, or academic work. Students reflect upon and practice a commitment to social justice and to the respect of individual and cultural differences.


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