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Master of Arts in Psychology Requirements      

The following are required for a masters degree:

The curriculum is based on two intellectual foundations: (1) the general body of knowledge and practice associated with graduate education; and (2) an emerging body of knowledge and practice drawn more specifically from the profession.

Professional Development Domain

PSYC 500 Orientation to Graduate Learning in Psychology
PSYC 503Graduate Writing and Communication
PSYC 510 Graduate Research and Writing Statistical Analysis and Methods of Research Domains
PSYC 520 Graduate Statistics
PSYC 525 Graduate Research and Reading Theoretical Domain
PSYC 533 Clinical Methods in Psychology
PSYC 535Cultural Diversity
PSYC 537 Life Span Development
PSYC 540 Crisis Intervention
PSYC 543 Biological Bases of Behavior
PSYC 545Psychopathology

Applied Domain (any two of the following assessment courses)

PSYC 550 Psychological Assessment
PSYC 553 Intellectual and Cognitive Assessment
PSYC 555 Personality Assessment
PSYC 570 Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies
PSYC 573 Brief Therapeutic Approaches
PSYC 575 Group Therapy
PSYC 577 Marital and Family Therapies

Terminal Projects

PSYC 595 Practicum
PSYC 599 Thesis


PSYC 591 Independent Study
PSYC 593 Topics in Psychology
PSYC 597 Thesis Maintenance

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