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Program Director: David J. Plebanski, Ph.D.
Faculty: Dean Angelo, Ed.D., Tina Ebenger, Ph.D.; Terri Ferrari, M.B.A., Michael McCafferty, J.D.; David J. Plebanski, Ph.D.; Jeanette Shutay, Ph.D.; Richard Wedgbury, M.S.
Program Advisory Committee: Dean Angelo, Ed.D., Michael McCafferty, J.D.

The Master of Science in Public Safety Administration is an innovative and practitioner-oriented degree offering. The Program complements and expands the institution’s historic commitment to addressing the educational need of individuals engaged in law enforcement and related fields. Structured as an accelerated, adult-learning initiative, the degree program removes the time and space barriers that often prevent working professionals from completing graduate level education

Mission Statement

The Public Safety Administration program has a strong theoretical focus combined with practical applications for persons who are interested in the dynamic study of public safety. The program is designed to prepare graduates to offer innovative leadership and to manage personnel in crisis and non-crisis situations. The capstone enables students to apply research in a private or public setting to solve a public safety problem. The thesis tract option enhances the student’s preparation for doctoral graduate study by providing additional opportunities to master the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct research.

Vision Statement

Calumet College of St. Joseph places the resources of higher education in the service of the common good. The primary purpose of the Public Safety Administration graduate program is to prepare students to assume advanced leadership positions within the broad area of public safety. The program aims to prepare a graduate capable of applying innovative management skills and principled leadership in a variety of settings, thereby contributing to the advancement of the field of public safety. Such leaders will be prepared to influence others to meet the challenges of function effectively and ethically, not only as deterrents to crime, but also as agents of greater social justice in the communities they serve.

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