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Public Safety Administration Program Outcome Objectives      

The PSA program is designed to prepare the student to:

  1. Articulate an understanding of the far reaching impact of public safety issues on societal systems, public policy, institutions and the ethos of this country;

  2. Explain the historical, economic, psychological, legal, social and political forces that influence human behavior and its affect on society;

  3. Communicate a comprehensive knowledge base of the concepts, theories, principles and laws that affect public safety and homeland security;

  4. Articulate a distinct insight into the multi-dimensional nature of terrorism from an urban perspective with a global vision;

  5. Explain the dimensions of public safety policy and how it is shaped, analyzed, evaluated and influenced by various stakeholders;

  6. Evolve a personal and professional philosophy that reflects an ethical obligation to social justice and contributes to self growth, respect for others, and professional commitment;

  7. Evaluate the reliability, validity and applicability of the body of research relevant to public safety administration; and

  8. Demonstrate mastery of critical thinking skills, written and oral communication skills, and technological competence.

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