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Transition to Teaching (T to T) & Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Program      











Program Director: John Shields, Ph.D.
Faculty: Michele Dvorak, Ed.D.; Nancy Ellis, M.S.; Chris Gloff, M.A.T.; Dawn Greene, Ph.D.; Eleanor Kasprzycki, M.S.; Barbara O'Block, Ed.D.; Joi Patterson, Ph.D.; David Pittman, M.A.T.; John Potocki, M.A.; Alyssa Rodriguez, Ph.D. Candidate; John Shields, Ph.D.: Angela Szczepanik-Sanchez,M.S.; Angela Wells, M.S.; Bruce Wisowaty, M.A.; Suzette Zientara, Ph.D.


The Transition to Teaching program provides people who currently possess a Bachelor's or Master's degree, and are already skilled in their specialty, the opportunity to make a smooth, efficient transition to the education profession.

• Attend classes just once a week
• Complete 14 weeks of student teaching that prepares you for certification
• Classes are held on Saturday mornings


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