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(MSM) Master of Science in Management Program FAQ's      

Who should be interested in the MSM degree?

The MSM degree should be of interest to those who desire to move into supervisory and management positions in a wide variety of industries.  The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of professionals who work in any industry including those in manufacturing, healthcare, government, and the service sector.

How will the MSM degree benefit me?

There are two tracks available to students – a Quality Management track and an Organizational Leadership track.  For those that pursue the Quality Management track, a yearly salary survey conducted by the American Society for Quality suggests that quality professionals significantly benefit financially from holding master’s degrees.  For those that pursue the Organizational Leadership track, skills developed in the program are becoming more and more critical in the 21st Century workplace and statistics have proven that management professionals benefit financially from holding master’s degrees as well. 

How many courses will be required? 

There are twelve courses, each of 3 credit hours, are required to complete the degree program.  Courses are scheduled to permit students to complete the 36-credit hour curriculum within 24 months. 

In what format will the courses be offered?

Classes are offered in a concentrated format over 7-week time periods.  One course will be offered at a time, with two courses offered each semester. 

Who will teach the courses?

Together with a core staff of Ph.D.-credentialed faculty, part-time faculty with extensive professional expertise in administering formal quality programs will provide instruction.  Part-time faculty will also participate in developing individual courses.  The proposed strategy is uniquely responsive to the highly technical and rapidly evolving nature of the business environment. 


What are the requirements and steps for Admission into the Program?

To be admitted, students in the Management Program will be required to:

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher learning;

  • Have attained at least a 3.0 grade point average on a 4.0 grading scale or the equivalent grade point average on an alternative scale;

  • Submit 2 letters of recommendation;

  • Submit official transcripts from all universities and colleges attended; and

How much will the program cost?

All of the courses in the program are three-credit hour courses.  Tuition is $630.00 per credit hour (there are 36 credit hours in the program) for the 2012-13 academic year.

How do I apply?

Those interested in participating in the Program should do the following in order to complete the application process:

  • Secure an application packet from Rebecca Leevey in the Office of Enrollment Management at (219) 473-4218.

  • Complete an application (which can be accessed on line at and click Apply on Line) and mail the application fee and appropriate accompanying documents to Ms. Rebecca Leevey.

  • Submit two letters of recommendation to  Mr. Steve Schuelka, MSM Graduate Program, 2400 New York Ave., Whiting, IN  46394.

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