Alternative Credit

Students can earn up to 45 semester hours of credit at the baccalaureate level through Credit by Examination, the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), New York University Foreign Languages Proficiency Tests, and the Life Experience Assessment Program (LEAP).


Credit by Examination
A student in good standing may receive credit for most courses, excluding lab courses, by passing an examination in the subject matter of the course with a grade of A or B.  The credit and grade earned are entered on the student's academic record and count toward the student’s requirements for graduation.  Courses earned through credit by examination are not computed in the semester index, but are included in the cumulative index.
Applications for credit by examination must be directed to the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs during the first month of each regular semester.  Examinations drawn from the courses for which the student is seeking credit are administered shortly after the end of each semester.  The tests are prepared and graded by a faculty member appointed by the Vice President of Academic Affairs. 
No student may receive credit by examination for a course in which he or she is currently enrolled or has been previously enrolled for credit or audit.  Courses that require lab experience or a practicum cannot be taken through credit by examination.
A record is kept of all tests taken through credit by examination.  Only those courses in which the student receives a grade of “A” or “B” are entered on the student’s permanent scholastic record.  If the student fails to achieve a grade of “A” or “B,” a test may be taken again.


Advance Placement Courses
Calumet College of St. Joseph grants credits based on appropriate National Advance Placement test scores.  Program directors determine if an approved exam will meet the College’s General Education requirements, program requirements, or elective course requirements.


College Level Examination Program Credit  (CLEP)
Calumet College of St. Joseph serves as an official test center for the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), a national testing program sponsored by the College Board.  Students may earn credits for successful performance on a variety of CLEP tests.


New York University (NYU) Foreign Language Proficiency Tests Credit
Students who believe they can demonstrate college-level proficiency in foreign languages may arrange to take a NYU Foreign Language Proficiency Tests.  The College will grant credit for successful performances on NYU foreign language examinations.


Life Experience Assessment Program Credit  (LEAP)
Students can earn credit for college-level knowledge and skills they have acquired through a variety of life experiences.  A maximum of 30 semester hours of credit can be awarded through the Life Experience Assessment Program.  Students must submit a life experience (LEAP) portfolio documenting their life experiences as they relate to college level courses.  Further information may be obtained by consulting the LEAP Handbook.  Students interested in obtaining semester credits through LEAP must attend a LEAP workshop.  These workshops focus on college-level learning the student has acquired through life experiences.  The final product of the workshop is a life experience (LEAP) portfolio.  The student is charged a processing fee as well as a per credit fee for this service.
In order to qualify for this credit option, a student must have earned 12 credit hours, including a college-level English course.


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