2014-2015 College Calendar


Semester I (Fall)-2014

August   16                                           Education Classes Begin
August   25-30                                     GENL 100A, College Survival
September 1                                        Labor Day-School Closed
September 2                                        Accelerated Classes Begin
September 2                                        Traditional Classes Begin
September 2                                        Tuition payment due
September 3                                        Opening Liturgy for New Academic Year
September  9                                       Last day for class changes (add/drop)
September 30                                      Last day to withdraw from a course without instructor approval
October 6                                              Mid-term
November 27-29                                 Thanksgiving recess
December 5                                         Last day to withdraw from a course with instructor approval
December 6                                         Traditional Classes end
December 8-13                                   Semester examinations
December 14                                       December graduation (ceremony in May)
December 16-20                                 Intersession Classes
December 18                                       Accelerated Classes end

NOTE:  See published class schedule for registration information and graduation filing deadlines.
                                                               Bridge Program- July 29 to August 16, 2014
                                                               Welcome Week for Faculty- August 19-23, 2014


Semester II (Spring)-2015

January 3                                              Education Classes Begin
January 5                                              Accelerated Classes Begin
January 6-10                                        Intersession Classes
January 5-10                                        GENL 100A, College Survival: Orientation
January 12                                            Traditional Classes Begin
January 12                                            Tuition payment due
January 14                                            Opening Liturgy new Semester
January 19                                            Martin Luther King Jr. Day-No Classes
January 20                                            Last day for class changes (add/drop)
February 9                                             Last day to withdraw from a course without instructor approval
February  16                                         Mid-term
March 2-6                                             Spring Break
April 3-4                                                 Easter Recess
April 24                                                  Last Day to withdraw from a course with instructor approval
April 25                                                  Traditional Classes End
April 27-May 2                                      Semester Examinations
April 30                                                  Accelerated Classes End
May 16                                                   Commencement



Semester III (Summer)-2015

Session I:              May 4, 2015 to June 20, 2015  (7-week session)
Session II:             June 22, 2015 to August 8, 2015 (7-week session)    
Session III:            May 4, 2015 to August 20, 2015( Accelerated summer session)
                                Faculty Education Day- May 7, 2015
                                Graduation Banquet Day- May 8, 2015

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