Grading System
Grades are given in the form of letter symbols; no numerical value is indicated.  An “A” indicates excellent achievement; “B,” above average; “C,” average; “D,” acceptable but poor; “F,” failing; “P,” passing (pass-fail); “E,” failing (pass-fail); “I,” incomplete; “W,” withdrawal; and “Z,” audit.


Quality Points
A grade of “A” represents greater accomplishment in a four-credit hour course than does the same grade in a two or three credit hour course.  Quality points are assigned to indicate the degree of success achieved on the basis of both the amount of work included in the course and the grade received.  Quality points are assigned to grades according to the following scale.  The quality points assigned to a grade multiplied by the credits allowed in a subject render the total number of points that accrue to the student.


Grades Meaning Quality Points
A Excellent 4.000
A-   3.667
B+   3.333
B Above Average 3.000
B-   2.667
C+   2.333
C Average 2.000
C-   1.667
D+   1.333
D Below Average 1.000
D-   0.667
F Failing 0
E* Failing 0**
I Incomplete 0**
N* Not accepted into EDU 0**
P* Passing 0**
W Withdrawn 0**
Z Audit 0**
    * For pass/fail courses 

**  Not calculated in cumulative index


Academic Alert Forms
A notification of unsatisfactory work is sent to students at the midpoint of each term by the Academic Advising Office.  In addition, individual faculty members may send out Academic Alert Forms at any point in time at which they determine that a student's performance warrants such action.


Grade Reports
Grade reports are issued after the completion of each term.  The student’s permanent record is based on these grade reports.


Incomplete Grade
A grade of “I” (Incomplete) is granted upon the request of the student when he or she is unable to complete class requirements due to unavoidable circumstances near the end of the semester.  A request for an “Incomplete” must be submitted to the instructor, who may require that it be submitted in writing.  If the instructor grants the request, he or she will determine the amount of time to be allowed, not to exceed the last class day of the following academic term, for the completion of all required work.  An Incomplete grade form specifying the work required for completion of the course and the due date will be submitted by the instructor to the Registrar’s Office, which will forward a copy to the student.  If the instructor does not submit a change of grade within one week of the due date, the Registrar will automatically assign a grade of “F.”  A course in which the grade of “I” is received will not be considered in computing the index.


Repetition of Courses
If a student repeats a course, only the higher of the two grades received for the course will be counted in computing the cumulative index.  Both grades remain on the student's permanent record, with the lower grade marked as having been superseded by a second grade for the same course.


Scholastic Index
The index or grade point average (GPA) represents the ratio of a student's total quality points to total hours attempted.  This ratio can be calculated by dividing the sum of the student's quality points by the sum of all hours attempted.  For example, if a student earned two “A's” and two “B's” in four different three credit-hour courses, the scholastic index would be 3.5 or [(4 x 3) plus (4 x 3) plus (3 x 3) plus (3 x 3) divided by 12 total credit hours.]

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