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Student Support Services PACE program is funded by a grant from the Lilly Endowment Inc. It is a support program designed to improve the retention and graduation rates of students who needed additional assistance to succeed in college. The program’s academic support services include academic, career, and financial support. The program is adapted to fit the individuality of the student’s needs as well as providing general academic support for the benefit of the entire student body.

PACE, in conjunction with Student Academic Support Services, Academic Advising and Admissions, provides specifically designed Seminars with an intensive one-week pre-college transition program for all students enrolled into the Student Support Services program. The PACE program provide those tools required to help students reach academic potential and success.

Participants begin with a one-week intensive orientation program using current college study skills curriculum. This program is designed to assist students in identifying who they are as a learner and orientate them to the demands of college life. As each student continues through his/her first year at Calumet College of St. Joseph, he/she will continue to participate in two classes a month focusing on skills necessary for success. Throughout the year the Student Support Services center will continue assessing the student’s academic proficiency. Other activities provided through the program are:

  • Academic Advising

  • Academic Follow-up Support

  • Assistance for Students with Academic Challenges

  • Assistance in Compliance w/Add/Drop and Withdrawal Procedures

  • Basic Skills Enrichment

  • Computer Assisted Academic Enrichment (Individualized)

  • Educational/Career Counseling

  • Guest Speakers

  • Individual Prescriptive Education Plans

  • Mentoring

  • Personal & Academic Development Workshops

  • Post Baccalaureate Planning

  • Individual & Group Tutoring

  • Individual Testing

  • Study Skills Development




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