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Q- What is a prerequisite?
A- It is a course you need to take before you take another course. For example, you need to take CRJ 100 (Introduction to Criminal Justice) before you take CRJ 370 (Juvenile Delinquency.) The college catalog lists course descriptions and prerequisites. When selecting your classes, make sure that you have taken the prerequisite first.

Q- Are all courses offered each semester?
A- No-especially in your major. Most (but not all) general education courses are offered every semester. You should make a plan to schedule your major classes.

Q- What is a syllabus?
A- It is your “roadmap” for each course. The requirements, attendance policies, assignments, and test dates are usually on it.

Q- Do I have to attend EVERY class?
A- You should attend every class to get the most for your money and education! Class attendance may be a requirement by your instructor. If you are ill, please call or e-mail your teacher in advance.

Q- How do I find where my classes meet?
A- There is a bulletin board in the front lobby with room assignments on it. There will also be copies of room numbers on a table in the lobby and someone to answer any questions you may have.

Q- Why do I have to take courses that are not in my major?
A- Calumet College of St. Joseph has its roots in the liberal arts. By taking courses in a variety of subjects, you will become a well-rounded person.

Q- What is the college catalog?
A- Some students refer to the catalog as the college Bible. The catalog lists all of the course requirements, descriptions, policies and procedures. This book is your contract with the college. Keep your CCSJ catalog. It has the answers to your questions.

Q- What is a program sheet or checklist?
A- Each degree program has a checklist, “bingo” or program sheet which helps you keep track of classes needed to fulfill requirements for your degree, whether you are seeking an associate or bachelor degree. If you do not have a checklist, ask your advisor for a copy so that you can plan your schedule.

Q- How will I know about transfer credit hours?
A- The first step is to make sure that you have sent for an official copy of your transcripts. Ask the Registrar’s office for details. After the Registrar evaluates your transcripts we can help you determine how those credit hours fulfill CCSJ requirements.

Q- What is the difference between a withdrawal and a drop?
A- When you withdraw from a course a “W” is placed on your transcript next to the course. When you drop a course it is removed from your transcript completely. You can only drop a course during the first week of class or if you have never attended the class.

Q- How does being a 21st Century Scholar affect my education?
A- 21st Century Scholars receive eight full-time semesters of funding. Please consult with your Academic Advisor for further details.

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