2002-2003 Complete Statistics
Final Season Stats
Calumet College

Game By Game
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Game Highs
Individual Player Team
Game Results
11/06/028:00 PMhIUNW93-54Tot 1st 2nd
11/09/021:00 PMhGoshen College81-94LTot 1st 2nd
11/14/027:00 PMaIllinois Institute of TecW75-72Tot 1st 2nd
11/16/027:00 PMaPurdue University Calumet73-92LTot 1st 2nd
11/20/027:00 PMhUniversity of Saint Franc67-87LTot 1st 2nd
11/23/028:00 PMaWisconsin-Parkside68-94LTot 1st 2nd
11/26/027:30 PMaNorth Park89-97LTot 1st 2nd
11/30/027:00 PMhDominican University63-66LTot 1st 2nd
12/03/026:30 PMaGrace College66-79LTot 1st 2nd
12/06/028:00 PMaViterbo UniversityW78-64Tot 1st 2nd
12/07/028:00 PMaCardinal Stritch Universi69-89LTot 1st 2nd
12/10/027:00 PMhBarat92-98LTot 1st 2nd
12/14/0211:00 AMhPurdue University CalumetW82-72Tot 1st 2nd
12/16/027:30 PMaRobert Morris College82-101LTot 1st 2nd
12/21/027:30 PMaSt. Joseph's-Rensselaer68-100LTot 1st 2nd
12/28/028:05 PMaAshland University72-90LTot 1st 2nd
12/29/026:00 PMhLincoln Memorial48-74LTot 1st 2nd
01/02/033:30 PMaFlorida Memorial CollegeW90-69Tot 1st 2nd
01/03/035:30 PMaFlorida Gulf Coast Univ.68-84LTot 1st 2nd
01/08/037:00 PM*hCardinal Stritch Universi63-68LTot 1st 2nd
01/10/031:00 PM*hJudson College70-73LTot 1st 2nd
01/15/037:00 PM*hPurdue University-North CW81-66Tot 1st 2nd
01/18/037:30 PM*aTrinity Christian College76-87LTot 1st 2nd
01/22/037:00 PM*hTrinity International Uni80-92LTot 1st 2nd
01/29/037:00 PM*aKendall College84-88LTot 1st 2nd
02/01/037:30 PM*aCardinal Stritch Universi69-72LTot 1st 2nd
02/05/037:00 PM*aJudson College71-73LTot 1st 2nd
02/08/037:00 PM*aPurdue University-North CW93-81Tot 1st 2nd
02/12/037:00 PM*hTrinity Christian CollegeW88-75Tot 1st 2nd
02/15/037:00 PM*aTrinity International Uni71-78LTot 1st 2nd
02/22/037:00 PM*hKendall CollegeW82-78Tot 1st 2nd
02/24/037:00 PMaJudson College93-102LTot 1st 2nd
* denotes a conference game
f denotes a forfeited game
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