2004-2005 Complete Statistics
Final Season Stats
Calumet College of St. Jo

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Game Results
10/30/047:00 PMhGrace College64-82LTot 1st 2nd
11/03/047:00 PMaPurdue Calumet58-66LTot 1st 2nd
11/06/047:00 PMaIllinois TechW73-55Tot 1st 2nd
11/13/047:00 PMaFranciscan College74-81LTot 1st 2nd
11/19/047:00 PMhFontbonneW77-60Tot 1st 2nd
11/20/047:00 PMaMoody BibleW70-47Tot 1st 2nd
11/23/047:00 PMaIUSBW99-91Tot 1st 2nd
11/30/047:00 PMaRober Morris College72-91LTot 1st 2nd
12/04/047:00 PMaDubuques University66-83LTot 1st 2nd
12/06/047:00 PMhIUSBW67-61Tot 1st 2nd
12/08/047:00 PMhUniversity of St. Francis72-73LTot 1st 2nd
12/10/047:00 PMaDavenport UniversityW80-61Tot 1st 2nd
12/11/047:00 PMaAquinas College62-82LTot 1st 2nd
12/17/047:00 PMaIndiana University EastW119-51Tot 1st 2nd
12/18/047:00 PMaMarian College44-75LTot 1st 2nd
12/20/047:00 PMhFranciscan CollegeW107-63Tot 1st 2nd
12/22/047:00 PMaIndiana University Northw63-70LTot 1st 2nd
12/30/047:00 PMaIndiana University Southe64-71LTot 1st 2nd
01/08/0512:24 PMaTrinity Christian College54-62LTot 1st 2nd
01/12/057:00 PMhTrinity International UniW74-69Tot 1st 2nd
01/17/0511:50 AMhConcordia UniversityW72-48Tot 1st 2nd
01/26/059:51 AMhJudson CollegeW86-58Tot 1st 2nd
01/29/057:00 PMhPurdueNorthCentralW83-69Tot 1st 2nd
01/31/0510:54 AMaPurdueNorthCentral59-80LTot 1st 2nd
02/02/057:00 PMhTrinity Christian College55-61LTot 1st 2nd
02/05/057:00 PMhTrinity International Uni68-72LTot 1st 2nd
02/16/057:00 PMhCardinal Stritch Universi71-89LTot 1st 2nd
02/19/057:00 PMaJudson CollegeW81-56Tot 1st 2nd
02/21/057:00 PMhPurdueNorthCentralW75-53Tot 1st 2nd
02/23/0512:17 PMaCardinal Stritch Universi70-87LTot 1st 2nd
01/22/087:00 PM*aCardinal Stritch Universi81-92LTot 1st 2nd
* denotes a conference game
f denotes a forfeited game
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