2014 Crimson Wave Softball
Season Statistics
As of 4/10/14
Calumet College of St. Jo

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Game By Game
Game Highs
Player High Team High
Game Results
04/24/086:05 PM*hRoosevelt Univ.W8-5Box Detail
03/01/141:03 PMaSt. Mary's0-7LBox Detail
03/01/143:47 PMaSt. Mary's3-11LBox Detail
03/03/141:30 PMaSt. Edward's6-7LBox Detail
03/03/144:15 PMaSt. Edward's0-9LBox Detail
03/04/141:30 PMaOur Lady of the Lake (Tex0-5LBox Detail
03/04/143:30 PMaOur Lady of the Lake (Tex0-9LBox Detail
03/05/1411:00 AMaTexas Lutheran2-3LBox Detail
03/05/141:00 PMaTexas Lutheran1-7LBox Detail
03/06/1410:00 AMaTexas LutheranW6-3Box Detail
03/06/1412:00 PMaTexas Lutheran0-7LBox Detail
03/07/144:00 PMaHuston-Tillotson (Texas)W9-1Box Detail
03/07/145:00 PMaHuston-Tillotson (Texas)W5-2Box Detail
03/08/141:00 PMaTrinity University3-6LBox Detail
03/21/143:30 PMaFranklinW13-5Box Detail
03/21/145:55 PMaFranklin6-9LBox Detail
03/22/141:00 PMaIndiana Southeast3-4LBox Detail
03/22/144:00 PMaIndiana Southeast4-5LBox Detail
03/28/144:00 PMaWilliam Penn (Iowa)W4-3Box Detail
03/28/146:00 PMaWilliam Penn (Iowa)4-8LBox Detail
03/29/1412:30 PMaGrand View Univ.0-8LBox Detail
03/29/142:30 PMaGrand View Univ.W3-2Box Detail
04/01/143:00 PMhPurdue Calumet (Ind.)5-6LBox Detail
04/01/145:00 PMhPurdue Calumet (Ind.)8-17LBox Detail
04/04/143:30 PM*hSaint Xavier (Ill.)W4-3Box Detail
04/04/145:50 PM*hSaint Xavier (Ill.)2-3LBox Detail
04/06/141:00 AM*hIndiana SoutheastW4-2Box Detail
04/06/143:00 AM*hIndiana Southeast2-3LBox Detail
04/08/143:00 PM*aOlivet Nazarene (Ill.)0-8LBox Detail
04/08/144:45 PM*aOlivet Nazarene (Ill.)6-8LBox Detail
04/09/144:00 PM*hUniv. of St. Francis2-4LBox Detail
04/09/146:10 PM*hUniv. of St. Francis7-8LBox Detail
04/10/143:00 PM*hRobert Morris Univ.W5-0Box Detail
04/10/145:25 PM*hRobert Morris Univ.4-6LBox Detail
04/15/142:30 PM*aPurdue North CentralW12-4Box Detail
04/15/145:05 PM*aPurdue North CentralW11-1Box Detail
04/17/145:00 PM*aJUSB4-5LBox Detail
04/17/146:50 PM*aJUSBW11-4Box Detail
04/22/143:00 PM*hTrinity International (IlW16-1Box Detail
04/22/145:00 PM*hTrinity International (IlW8-0Box Detail
04/23/143:00 PM*hTrinity Christian (Ill.)W8-5Box Detail
04/23/145:15 PM*hTrinity Christian (Ill.)5-8LBox Detail
04/24/144:00 PM*hRoosevelt Univ.W7-6Box Detail
04/26/1412:00 PM*aCardinal Stritch3-5LBox Detail
04/26/142:00 PM*aCardinal Stritch1-2LBox Detail
04/27/1412:00 PMhLindenwood Bellevill0-4LBox Detail
04/27/142:00 PMhLindenwood Bellevill1-4LBox Detail
* denotes a conference game
f denotes a forfeited game