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What is Blackboard?

Ever lost a course syllabus? Misplaced the directions for the class project? Left your folder at home when you happen to be working on your homework at the library or in the computer lab? Imagine being able to access assignment information, syllabi, instructor hand-outs and other class materials easily from any computer with Internet access. Sounds great? Well, welcome to Blackboard!

Blackboard is an electronic learning platform that our instructors use to supplement face-to-face instruction or to deliver online instruction. Blackboard can best be thought of as a course notebook into which faculty members place their course materials. Any type of files faculty choose to include in the "online course notebook" can be posted to Blackboard course web sites. Students have access to the course materials as long as they have access to the Internet and a helper application that will allow them to view the materials placed online. Examples include: Microsoft Word, Excel or Power Point files, Adobe Acrobat documents, Quick Time movies, or Real Audio/Video files.

Some of the ways students may use Blackboard in their courss include:

  • View the syllabus

  • Review the instructor's lecture presentation

  • Communicate with instructors and fellow students using e-mail

  • Share materials and ideas with other course participants via the Discussion Board or in chat rooms

  • Submit and pick up assignments

  • Check grades

  • Take exams

  • Link directly to helpful web sites that allow students to share experiences and get information in the global community.

Each instructor decides whether or not to use Blackboard for a course and how it will be used, so you will find your use of Blackboard will vary from class to class.


How do students access Blackboard?

Students can access Blackboard from any computer by going to CCSJ's home page (http://www.ccsj.edu) and clicking on the Blackboard link or going to http://class.ccsj.edu. Click the User Login button and on the next screen enter your user id and password to gain access to Blackboard. You can also access Blackboard at http://www.ccsj.edu/blackboard.

How do I enter into a Blackboard course that I'm enrolled in?
Once you are logged in, you can enter any Blackboard course in which you are enrolled by clicking on the name of the course under the "My Courses" section on the right side of the screen.


How do I access the Virtual Classroom?
In your course site, click on the Communication button. Click on the Collaboration button. You must have the Blackboard Java plug-in installed on your computer for the Virtual Classroom to work. If you have a Pop Up Blocker, hold down the CTRL button as you click on the Join button to access the Virtual Classroom. To install Java, go to http://www.java.com/en/index.jsp.

How secure is the Blackboard course site?
Your course site is a safe web environment. Only other students enrolled in the course and the course instructor(s) will have access to the course. Of course, if you fail to logout when you leave a public computer or forget to close out of the web-browser, you will certainly be leaving your classroom environment open to the public.

I keep getting cut off when I connect to Blackboard. What should I do?
You will need to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as AOL, Net Nitco, ATT, Comcast Cable, DSL etc. for this problem.

Where is the "Digital Drop Box"?
The Digital Drop Box may be found by clicking on the left navigation button labeled "Tools."

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