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Student Login Procedures:

Username: first initial of first name + last name + last five digits of CCSJ ID Number (not social security number)

Password: CCSJ ID Number

Example: Username: hpotter50629

Password: 000050629

If you do not know your CCSJ ID Number, it is located on the top center of your report card and on your Student ID card.

If your last name is hyphenated, type it in without the hyphen.   Example:Lynn Walker-Jones would be lwalkerjones00000.

If you have a double last name without a hyphen then your username will be both names run together. Example: Ann Van Dyke would be avandyke00000.


Faculty Login Procedures:

Username:first initial of first name + last name

Password:last five digits of CCSJ ID Number Faculty Only

Contact Joe Coates at 219-473-4376 to schedule a one-on-one training session on the Blackboard Learning System.


Student information is posted on the College website at Student Blackboard Support.
Faculty information is posted on the College website at Faculty Blackboard Support.

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