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General Questions


Where am I now?
The pages you are currently viewing are part of Support Site for Blackboard users at Calumet College of St. Joseph. These pages are not a part of the Blackboard course management system.

How do I log onto Blackboard?
From this page, click on the "Bb Home" button to return to the main page. Then click on the Login menu button available on the main page.

How can I get a course put up on Blackboard?
Submit a course request form by clicking on the "Request Forms" menu button available from all instructor pages in the Blackboard Support Web Site.

Does Calumet College of St. Joseph provide training for faculty?
Training is provided for faculty in the usage of Blackboard and the development of online courses. Information about training opportunities can be found under "Training Info."

Who do I contact with Blackboard problems?
For help with all Blackboard related problems, contact Rich O'Boyle, Director of Instructional Technology/Blackboard Administrator at 473-4377 or email Blackboard Support@ccsj.edu.

Who do my students contact with Blackboard problems?
Students should be instructed to converse with individual course instructors for content-related problems. Technical problems should be communicated to the Blackboard Administrator. Email connections to BlackboardSupport@ccsj.edu are provided for students in the Student Support section of this web site.


Course Management Questions

Why can't students access my course?
If students are unable to access your course, please check to make sure the course is available and that the students have been entered into the course.

  • To check for course availability, go to the Control Panel, click "Course Settings," then click "Course Availability." Yes should be selected.

  • To check if a student has been enrolled into your course, go the Control Panel, click "User Management," then click "List/Modify Users." Choose "List All" to see the current roster of students in your class

How can I add other instructors to my course?
You may send a request BlackboardSupport@ccsj.edu requesting that the Blackboard Administrator add an instructor to your course.

Why are the course(s) I previously taught still listed in the "Courses you are teaching" section?
Courses you previously taught remain in your course listing. You may access these courses to pull material or check grades. At the end of a semester or class, you should make the course unavailable to students. Within your course go to Control Panel / Settings / Course Availability and switch to no.

If you no longer want or use a particular course, request that the course be removed from the Blackboard system. HOWEVER, once a course has been removed from Blackboard, there is no way to access it. As an alternative, courses may be archived in Blackboard. Click on the Course Request button to request that a course be deleted or archived. For more information, contact Tony Koslow at 473-4377.

Where do I go to set up a discussion forum?
Unlike most set up activities in Blackboard, you do not go to the Control Panel to set up a discussion forum. Click on the "Discussion Board" button or the "Communications" button on the course menu and select "Discussion Board." Click "Add Forum" to post a discussion forum on Blackboard.

What file format should I use for documents posted to Blackboard?
So that all of your students can open and access the documents you post on your course web site, it is best to save the files to a format that is universally accessible, one that is not proprietary. We recommend saving documents in the following formats: HTML, rtf (rich text format), pdf (portable document format). Most word processors will allow you to save files in these first two formats. To save a file as a pdf document, contact Rich O'Boyle at 473-4377.

Does Blackboard support online testing?
Blackboard allows you to design and administer online assessments for your courses. The Assessment Section of the Control Panel has options for setting up online assessments. You can even create pools of questions by categories to be used for test development.


How does Blackboard differentiate between a survey and a quiz?
Differences between surveys and quizzes:

  • Surveys:

    • Cannot give user feedback.

    • Cannot be graded.

    • A name will not be associated with it.

    • The Online Gradebook will reflect that the survey has been taken and submitted by a student.

  • Quizzes:

    • Point values can be assigned to each question.

    • Student answers are submitted for grading.

    • Results are recorded in the gradebook.

Student Management Questions

How do I enroll students into my Blackboard course?
Students registered at CCSJ for the current term are automatically input into the Blackboard system and have Blackboard accounts. When enrolling students into a course site, go to Control Panel / Enroll Users. Click here for additional help in enrolling students.

How do my students change their password?
Students can change their password by clicking on the "Personal Information" button in the User Toolbox. The User Toolbox appears on the left side of the Blackboard portal (opening) page. From this page, the student should click on "Change Password." All Blackboard users are urged to change their password upon first using the Blackboard system.

What if students forget their password?
Students who forget their password should contact Blackboard Support@ccsj.edu. Their password will be reset to their CCSJ ID number.

What if a student changes their email address during the semester?

It is the responsibility of the student to maintain an up-to-date email account on Blackboard. They can make changes to any of their personal information by clicking on the "Personal Information" button in the User Toolbox. The User Toolbox appears on the left side of the Blackboard portal (opening) page. From this page, the student should click on "Edit Personal Information."

How do I create groups in Blackboard?
From the Control Panel, go to "Manage Groups" in the User Management section. Click on the "Add Group" button to form the group.

How do I enter students into a group?
Once the groups have been established, students can be placed into the groups. Select a group from the list of groups showing on the "Manage Groups" page and click the "Modify" button. Select "Add Users" to Group. Students must be enrolled in the course web site before they can be placed into a group.

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