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FOCUS - Career and Education Planning Solutions

What is FOCUS?

FOCUS is a self-guided, career self-assessment computer program that can be used on any computer with Internet access. It helps you identify your educational and occupational goals based upon your interests, talents, and personality and then links you to careers. It is one of the most widely used career planning systems in the USA and has been used in career service centers nationwide for more than 12 years.


What Does FOCUS Include?

FOCUS consists of six short sections of questions, each covering an important step in the career planning process:

  • Self Assessment – your interests and work values

  • Education and Training

  • Personality and Life Values

  • Leisure Time Preferences

  • Current and Future Skills

  • Personal Development Needs

Once you answer the questions, FOCUS scores and summarizes your results in a personal profile that you can use to explore and compare occupations. You can complete the questions at your own pace since FOCUS stores your information in a confidential file---ready for use whenever you are. You can answer questions from any section, however, we recommend you start with the Self Assessment. You can also get a printout of any FOCUS screens. See attached information for more details on what FOCUS can do for you.

How Can I Get Started with FOCUS?

You can get started with just 3 easy steps:

  1. Go to the CCSJ web site and click the link for “Career Services”

  2. Go to the FOCUS Log In box and click “Create a New Account”

  3. Complete the registration (Note:  the Access Keycode is “splash”-no quotes)

Please contact the Career Services Office 219-473-4253/ to discuss your results, or just stop by the Career Services Office.


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