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Interns provide a wealth of resources for your organization. They work on projects or tasks you might not have time to develop; they bring fresh ideas, new perspectives, diverse backgrounds, and enthusiasm to the work place; and they allow you to shape and contribute to the development of our community’s work force.

Internships provide you with a pool for recruiting future employees and allow you to train a prospective employee firsthand. Because this is an educational internship, the financial costs to you are minimal to non-existent. Helping an intern also gives you the opportunity to give back to the community that supports you.

Below are some resources to help you understand the CCSJ Internship Program, as well as help you plan for potential interns.  Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule a time for the Internship Coordinator to visit your organization or business.

Once you’ve decided to become one of our internship sites, the placement process is as follows:

  • The Internship Coordinator will contact you to see if you are accepting interns at that time.

  • If you are, you can determine the method of contact and acceptance process.  For instance, you may:

    • Ask that students contact you directly either via phone or in person

    • Review a student’s resume before meeting with them

    • Interview potential candidates

    • Require a background check or written application

  • Once you’ve determined that you’ll accept an intern, the Internship Coordinator will confirm the placement via a written confirmation letter to you and the student.

  • You and the student will discuss and determine his or her start date and schedule.

During the internship
Below is some additional information you might find helpful, depending on your intern and business needs:

Maintain contact with Internship Coordinator – Our Internship Coordinator will check in with you periodically during your internship to make sure things are going well.  If you have any questions or concerns about your student intern, please contact us right away.

Completing the internship

In order for our interns to receive course credit, we will need a completed evaluation form at the end of the internship.  The Internship Coordinator will contact you to coordinate its completion.  Please review the evaluation with your intern before submitting it to us. 

In addition, we ask that you complete a satisfaction survey to get your opinion about the placement process.

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