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  • Be on time.  Remember the impact of first impressions

  • Be enthusiastic.  Personality goes a long way.  Smile and exude energy and enthusiasm

  • Have a firm handshake (you too ladies) and maintain good eye contact

  • Focus more on the interview, less on the job.  Listen carefully to questions asked and take time to think before responding.  Ask for clarification, if needed

  • When asked questions, use opportunities to talk about your skills and how they relate to the job for which you are interviewing.  Don’t dominate the discussion, however

  • Discuss your contributions in your previous jobs or experiences.  Be careful not to brag, but speak confidently about your interests and abilities.  Be prepared to describe your strengths.  Don’t overlook the types and range of activities you have been exposed to and the knowledge and skills you learned from them (e.g. school, work, volunteer, and life experiences)

  • Be prepared with a few questions of your own--only 2 or 3 major ones are needed since the first interview is designed to help the employer get to know you.  There will be time for your questions later, if invited for a second interview or if offered the job

  • Never introduce the topic of salary or benefits in the first interview.  If introduced by the employer, try to avoid being cornered into stating your minimum salary requirement by asking about other perks, expenses in the job, other trade-offs, etc. You should, however, have an idea or a range of your minimum salary requirements (salary ranges by profession can be found at

  • At the end of the interview, ask about the next step(s) in the process

  • Be sure to send a brief Thank You note within 24 hours following the interview expressing your thanks for the interview and noting your continued interest.  Hand written notes are ideal but typed-written ones are acceptable.  An electronic note can also be sent but it should be followed by a written note.  Notes should be sent to everyone with whom you interviewed

  • If offered, do not feel compelled to accept a job on the spot.  Be sure your questions are also answered

  • Prepare a list of questions you have for the employer if called for a second interview or, if offered the position.

  • If offered the job, promptly call back to accept or decline.

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