EEON Associate Alumni, Class of 2014-15

Amanda Blackwell Headshot
Amanda Blackwell
Graduated 2015, EEON Associate of the Year

Employed at Hammond Education Foundation

Major: English
Minor: History

About Amanda:
Amanda Blackwell majored in English and minored in History at Calumet College of Saint Joseph. Amanda came to us from Whiting High School, after spending her freshman year of college at Aurora University. While at Calumet College, she was a part of the Softball team and St. Gasper’s Honor Society. In her spare time, she tutored at Whiting High School, where she helped students with their studies.


Amy G Headshot
Amy Gasiorowski
Graduated 2015

Major: Life Science and Pre-Professional Studies

Attending Veterinary School in Indiana

About Amy:
Amy Gasiorowski majored in Life Science Pre-Professional Studies and also played on the Women’s Soccer team as the goal keeper. After graduating from Calumet College of St. Joseph’s, Amy is continuing with her plans to attend graduate school in Veterinarian Science to become a Veterinarian Technician. Amy served as an intern at a veterinary hospital to get experience in her career interest at Valparaiso Animal Hospital.


Taylor Young HeadShot
Taylor Young
Graduated 2015

Employed at an Ohio business firm.

Major:  Business Management
Minor: Computer Science

About Taylor:
Taylor Young, born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, went to Villa Angela at Joseph High School. Taylor joined the Student Government Association at Illinois Valley Community College. At CCSJ, he was a student athlete. Taylor majored in Business Management and minored in Computer Science.


Glauber Borrachini
Glauber Borrachini

EEON Location: CCSJ Business Management Program

Major: Business; Second Major: Psychology

Extracurricular Activities: Glauber plays soccer, tennis and is a member of the International Students Club.

About Glauber:
Glauber has garnered honors such as the St. Gaspar’s Honors Learning Community, along with an athletic scholarship for soccer and tennis. He speaks three languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English, and his professional interests focus on companies with sports affiliations–soccer, in particular.