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Computer Services      

Network Security Policy

In order to promote ethical and facilitative computing, Calumet College of St. Joseph’s network users must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Use of systems and/or networks in attempts to gain unauthorized access to CCSJ’s
    network systems or remote systems is prohibited and is a punishable disciplinary offense.

  • Use of systems and/or networks to harm or thwart the operations or business of the
    college or college activities is prohibited.

  • Decryption of system or user passwords is prohibited.

  • The copying of system files is prohibited.

  • The copying of copyrighted materials, such as third-party software, without the express written permission of the owner or the proper license, is prohibited.

  • Intentional attempts to "crash" network systems or programs are punishable disciplinary offenses.

  • Running of HTTP, Email, and FTP servers is strictly prohibited on client machines.

  • The willful introduction of computer "viruses" or other disruptive/destructive programs into the organization network or into external networks is prohibited.

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Computer Labs are located in rooms 418, 419, and 420.

Room: 186
Telephone: (219) 473-4366 (Indiana)
                      (773) 721-0202, Ext. 366 (Illinois)
                      1-877-700-9100 (Toll Free)