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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my IEP as documentation of my disability?
No. K-12 and Post Secondary education are different; therefore, we do not accept the high school IEP’s as sufficient document. You may submit your IEP with your intake form; however, you must provide some other form of documentation of your disability.

How do I receive testing accommodations and/or auxiliary aids?
Students first must complete an Intake Form and meet with a staff member from Student Support Services. Your completed intake form should be accompanied with official documentation. See Requesting Accommodations for more details.

What is the time frame for requesting accommodations?
Request for general accommodations must be made a month or more prior to enrollment for each academic term.

Are my professors notified automatically every semester about my accommodations?
No. You are responsible for asking Student Support Services to prepare a letter of accommodation for the classes for which you need accommodations. The Student Support Services office will then distribute the letter of accommodation to your professors.

Where will I take my test?
There are two options regarding where you will take your test. Option one: You may take your test with your class and be provided with your accommodations by your professor. Option two: You may take your test at the Student Support Services office. Instead of your professor administering your test, someone from the Student Support Services office will proctor the exam in our private testing room.

Can a college or university refuse accommodations?
Yes, under limited circumstances.

  • The accommodation would be an undue financial or administrative burden;

  • Providing the accommodation would fundamentally alter the program;

  • The accommodation is of a personal nature.

Does Student Support Services provide diagnostic testing for disabilities?
No, Student Support Services does not provide assessments.

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Angela Szczepanik-Sanchez, M.Ed., M.S.
Coordinator of Academic and Disability Services

Monday - Friday: 9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

Room: 403

Email: aszczepaniksanchez@ccsj.edu

Telephone: (219) 473-4349 (Indiana)
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