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“BCF Readers’ Forum” 4.23.15

Periodically, I use this space to respond to questions I have received via email or during programs. My intent in sharing both questions and answers is to provide insight into the college-going process and stimulate conversation that leads to informed decision-making with regard to educational futures. As always, your comments are very much valued. To [...]

“Wait List Status Does Not Have to be a ‘Dead End’” 4.16.15

The word on the street is that college “Wait Lists” are huge again this year. But what does that mean? Are colleges rejecting more students, albeit more gently, by way of the Wait List—or are we seeing the emergence of new enrollment strategies? Experience suggests that it is much more the latter than the former. [...]

“Making Sense of Financial Aid Awards: April College Planning Tips” 4.9.15

It’s crunch time for families in the college selection process. The admission decisions are in and, with less than a month remaining before the May 1 Candidates’ Reply Date, students are now turning their attention to the final choice of a college. It’s an exciting—and nerve-wracking—time to be sure, especially for families trying to reconcile [...]

“Making Lemonade” 3.31.15

“But I don’t want to go there!” Such is the all too frequent response of a despondent high school senior as he is reminded of the colleges that have admitted him. The overwhelming sense of despair resulting from failed applications can render a student unable to recognize the successful applications at colleges that, at an [...]

Campus Grotto

Hardest Colleges to get into for 2015

Admission rates have hit an all-time low for many schools in 2015, making it very difficult to get accepted to these high-profile universities. Here we examine the updated list of the hardest colleges to get into based on admission statistics for the class of 2019. These are the most up-to-date numbers colleges have initially reported for the class of 2019, as applicants who applied regular admission are notified of acceptance in mid-to-late March. Colleges with the lowest overall Acceptance Rate Stanford - 5.05% Acceptance Rate Many college hopefuls wish to get into this highly prestigious school, as seen in the record 42,487 applications to the Stanford Class of 2019. Stanfor...

College Study Strategies: Organize a Study Group

Dr. Richard Light , a Harvard researcher and Professor of Teaching and Learning at Harvard Graduate School of Education, was sent out on a mission to find the single best predictor of college success. After ten years of research and surveying 1,600 Harvard students, he found a key element to university achievement: the ability of a student to either join or create a study group. We encourage you to incorporate this successful study strategy into your routine: Find or create a study group for your classes. {loadposition contentbox} Assuming you already have a solid study plan in place, it’s time to partner up with classmates for greater benefit. Students typically learn...

America's Most Expensive College Dorms

For the 2014-2015 school year, the average cost of room and board is priced at $9,804 for public colleges and $11,188 for private colleges. To no surprise, colleges in California, New York, and the Boston area charge a bit more and top the list of most expensive dorms. The highest-priced dorms can be found in New York, where students get to enjoy the conveniences of living in Manhattan and fabulous skyline views from high-rise dorms. Going to school in New York can be quite an experience for a first-year college student, but one that comes with a hefty price tag. Looking at tuition and fees alone, NYU ranks 57th in highest cost. However, when room and board is factored into college cos...

America's 100 Most Expensive Colleges

No two things are more stressful to a prospective college student than the question of getting accepted and determining if they can actually afford attending the school of their dreams. The cost of college is no joke, and is something we have tried to put a spotlight on since we started ranking expensive colleges back in 2007, as it is a troublesome debt many students will carry for years to come. The list of the 100 most expensive colleges by total cost (tuition + room & board + required fees) are all private and range from $56,000 all the way up to $65,000 per year. This is a significant jump in price from the average private university cost of $42,419 and (obviously) the average c...

Continuing Education

The Top Schools of Nursing from U.S. News &...

Nursing is one of the most popular fields of study for non-traditional students returning to school. We present the top schools of nursing from U.S. News & World Report's 2013 edition of Best Grad Schools.

We All Forget Things. These 3 Tips Can Help You...

Contrary to popular belief, research proves that studying several subjects in one sitting, studying those subjects in different settings, and frequent testing helps students improve memory.

8 Ways to Make Your Conference More Successful

Nobody wants to attend a boring conference. Make your next conference memorable by following these eight suggestions from Thom Singer, the Conference Catalyst.

Home Health Aide Training in New York - Finger...

Students looking for home health aide training in New York to enter the medical field can enroll in Finger Lakes Community College in Canandaigua, New York. The FLCC HHA certification program provides all the preparation needed for the HHA exam, while home health aide training gives graduates access to caregiver jobs in a growing field.

The College Puzzle

Simple Tips on How College Students Get Motivated

   By Oksana Sbitneva Have you ever sat down surrounded by a bunch of books and stared at them until you fall asleep? You know there’s no time to put off the studying process but you just have neither will nor energy to read at least some words? You feel tired and emotionally exhausted and read more...

My Nominee For Best Book of Year on Universities

Arizona State announced today a credit bearing freshman year entirely on line. This is one of the many innovations by ASU President Michael Crowe See also: But you need to read his book to get the full story on his innovative ideas and actions Designing the New American University by Michael Crow and William B. read more...

Tools and Resources for Students to Stay Organized in College

  By Jane Hurst As a college student, chances are that you have a lot going on in your life, and there are always things that you seem to forget to do. What you need are tools and resources to help you get better organized, and stay that way. Here are some of our top read more...

High costs, uncertain benefits: What do Americans without a college degree think about postsecondary education?

Andrew P. Kelly, AEI Read Online Printable Copy   Key points Many adults without a college degree aspire to some higher credential, but most overestimate the cost of higher education, which could deter them from furthering their education. Many adults without a degree in our survey were uncertain as to the wage returns to different read more...

Cappex College Insider

Tips for Reviewing Your Careers and Majors Quiz Results

If you’ve taken our Careers and Majors quiz, you already know it provides you with a whole lot of information. If you haven’t, it’s time to get started. You’ll get all sorts of useful information: Personality breakdowns, ideal majors, potential career paths – how do you sort through that data to make sense of it all? […]

Colleges Still Accepting Applications for Fall 2015

It’s human nature to procrastinate. We’ve all done it at some point or another. When it comes to college, procrastination can come back to haunt you, but we’re here to help. Decision Day is almost here and some of us have yet to decide where we’re headed. Maybe you didn’t think you wanted to go […]

How Do You Choose the Right Major?

Has anyone asked you what you’re thinking about majoring in yet? Maybe you’ve considered English, computer science, or fine art, but not been quite sure of your choices. As college gets closer you might expect to wake up suddenly and think, “That’s it! I was meant to be a biology major!” Unfortunately, most students don’t […]

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