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Transcript Requests

All transcript requests must be made in writing. You may fill out a Transcript Request Form in the Registrar's Office (download the form here) or send a letter to:

Office of the Registrar
Calumet College of St. Joseph
2400 New York Ave
Whiting, Indiana 46394
Attn: Transcript Request

The request should include:

  • your full name(s)

  • your date of birth

  • your student number (social security number)

  • your daytime phone number

  • address of the person, school, or company to which the transcript is to be sent

  • your return address

  • your signature

A transcript cannot be ordered by telephone. You may send the request by Fax instead of mail; however, the transcript itself will be mailed. Our Fax number is (219) 473-4204 ATT: Registrar's Office.

There is not charge for the first transcript. Any additional transcript is $8.00 per transcript. Check, cash, or credit card is acceptable. Your request for a transcript will not be honored if you are financially indebted to the college.

There are two types of transcripts available to students. An Official Copy has the college seal, the Registrar's signature and is in a signed, sealed envelope. The Unofficial Copy (personal copy) is usually issued to the student.

It takes 24 hours to process transcripts and they are normally mailed directly to the person, school, or company you indicated. Transcripts may also be picked up by the student in the Office of the Registrar 1 to 2 days after receipt of the request. Students must have a zero balance with the college.

In general, valuative information such as courses completed, grades earned, etc., cannot be issued to an outside party unless the student has given the Registrar written permission to release it to that specific party. The Registrar may, however, disclose directory information without the student's stated permission as allowed under The Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act.

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