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What is Service Engagement?
Service Engagement—
Is any endeavor that brings the community into the campus and the campus into the community, reciprocally, often addressing a social concern.

  • It could include service-learning, co-curricular community service, and volunteerism.

  • It could include some internships and field experiences.

  • It could include research

Ultimately, the sum of these activities leads to a campus that is fully engaged with the community.
~ Jamison & McCracken (2007) 


What is Service-Learning?
Service-Learning at Calumet College of St. Joseph is the combination of meaningful community service with instruction and reflection. Service-learning is implemented throughout some majors and specific coursework at CCSJ. Service-learning courses are offered to enhance the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen surrounding communities.


What is co-curricular community service?
Instructors at CCSJ are encouraged to help students plan service projects or get involved in existing service events and projects within the community as well as nationally. These opportunities are optional, vary by instructor, and are usually linked but not limited to a specific course and or curriculum. Co-curricular service learning opportunities are offered to engage students outside of the classroom and draw them into the community through meaningful service activities.


Why is service engagement an important part of a student’s college experience?
Service Engagement:

  • Promotes learning through active involvement in service experiences

  • Creates an organized setting where students can reflect on their experiences through open discussions and writing assignments

  • Allows for learning outside the classroom setting and into the community

  • Enhances critical and reflective thinking as well as personal and civic responsibility

  • Provides meaningful and dynamic opportunities for students to work with others in their community


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