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Students who are completing service hours for a CCSJ service-learning course are required to create an account through the United Way Regional Volunteer Center’s website. Creating your own volunteer profile will allow you to find volunteer opportunities, and log your hours of service. Your personal profile is not limited to required service. You can volunteer beyond requirements with a group or individually during your college experience at CCSJ and beyond. You can even log hours of service done at an organization that is not listed on the United Way Volunteer Center website.


How to register and log hours with the United Way Regional Volunteer Center

  1. Go to

  2. Under User Login, click on Not registered? Sign up now

  3. Start filling in your personal information

  4. NOTE: When asked where you are employed, please enter CCSJ for tracking purposes. You can change this when you graduate.

  5. Once you finish you will have your own personal volunteer account and you can begin to search for a volunteer opportunity.

  6. To log your hours, click on Log Hours

  7. You can then click on Find existing agency to look up the agency you volunteered at.

  8. Type in a key word or words and when you find your agency you can click on it.

  9. You can now select the dates and times that you served at this particular organization.

  10. NOTE: Please enter CCSJ as your place of employment for tracking purposes.


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Bailey, Diane
Director of Student Activities
Office: Room 157
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Schwieterman, Br. Jerry
Campus Ministry
Office: Room 408
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