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There are three components to the Business Office: the Cashier's Office handles payment of tuition and fees and tuition reimbursement; the Student Accounts Office deals with methods of payment, partial payment, payment plans, late payment, and account balances; and the Business Office is responsible for disbursement of financial aid and billing.

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Pay in Full

All tuition and fees are due in full by the first day of class each term. This includes any balance that will remain after financial aid is supplied.

Deferred payment plan

Details are available by calling the Student Accounts Representative at 219-473-4394 or 877-700-1900, ext. 394, or visiting the Student Accounts Representative in Room 104.

Tuition reimbursement policy

If an employer provides a student with tuition reimbursement and will pay Calumet College of St. Joseph directly for tuition and fees, the student should provide verification to the Business Office at the time of registration. Any amount that the employer will not reimburse to the college will be the responsibility of the student and is due on the first day of classes. The college will not wait for the student to receive his/her reimbursement in order to make payment on his/her account.
A two week period is required to clear all personal checks. Therefore, documents will be held until the check is cleared.

Students will not be able to register for another term unless their account is paid in full. Such obligations include tuition and fees, bookstore charges, and library fines. Students who withdraw from the college with a balance due on their accounts must pay the balance in full or make payment arrangements.
Degrees, transcripts, and letters of honorable separation are withheld from those who have not settled their financial obligations to the College, including, if any, all collection fees, attorney's fees, and court costs. Again, a two week period is required to clear all checks.
Remittance should be made payable to Calumet College of St. Joseph by bank draft, personal check, money order, or credit card. The college accepts the Discover Card, Visa, and MasterCard. Payment can be mailed to Calumet College of St. Joseph, Business Office, 2400 New York Avenue, Whiting, IN, 46394, or paid at the Business office "drop slot."
Should the College refer the delinquent account to an attorney or collection agency, the student will be responsible for all collection costs to include court costs, interest, agency fee, and attorney fees incurred by the College in the collection of monies due.

This area within the Business Office maintains all student account information. The Student Accounts staff also works closely with students to support a variety of payment plans.

Walter Thompson

Manager of Student Accounts and Collections
Room 104
(219) 473-4394

Tuition Freeze Logo

Tuition Freeze Incentive

The purpose of the tuition freeze incentive-that is to pay the same full-time tuition rate for 4 consecutive academic years without increase, is to encourage first-time, full time degree seeking students starting any fall term to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in 4 years. In order to do that, a student must complete at least 30 credit hours each year, which is also the requirement to keep the tuition freeze.

This initiative started with first-time, full time freshmen in the fall term of 2013-14. The only reason a student does not receive the tuition freeze is because the student fails to stay on course to graduate in 4 years by not completing at least 30 credit hours per year. The student should have at least 30 credits hours after year 1, at least 60 credits at the end of year 2, at least 90 credits at the end of year 3 and 120 credits at the end of year 4, which is the total number of credits required to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree.

If you have questions about our tuition freeze program, please contact an admissions representative by calling (219) 473-4224 or by email at

The most up-to-date information is found here, at the Business Office's main page.

Tuition & Fees

2018-2019 Tuition & Fee Schedule



Traditional Program Tuition [full-time (12-18 credit hours) fall and spring term]


Traditional Program Tuition (part-time per credit hour)


Degree Completion Program tuition (per credit hour)





Master's Program tuition (per credit hour)

MAT (Teaching - Elementary, Secondary, & Final Phase)


MSM (Management)


PSA (Public Safety)


MAP (Psychology)


Required for all students:

Textbook Rental Fee / semester

Full-Time Traditional (12-18 credit hours)


Part-Time Traditional per credit hour


Graduate students (6-9 credit hours)


Graduate students additional credit hours


Course Add/Change Fee

$5 per course

Technology Fee (per term)


Student Association Fee (per term)


Required for International students:

International Student Services / term


International Application Fee (one-time fee)


Course Related Fees:

First Year Experience Fee (GENL 100)


Honors L.C. Seminar (GENL 290H) / semester


Education Seminar Fee (EDU 299) / semester


LEAP Portfolio Processing Fee


MAP Course 500: American Psychological Association Affiliate


MAP Courses: 550/555


MAP Course: 553


Psychology Courses: 260/512


Psychology Course 499 (make-up fee)


ARTS & MFA (per course - excl Arts 273 & Arts 280)


Science Lab Fees (per course)


Student Teaching Courses: 494, 495


Course Audit (Whiting, East Chicago, and Hammond Residents)


Summer Seminars


Intersession Courses


Miscellaneous Fees:

Alternative Credit (CLEP, LEAP, Credit by Exam) per credit hour


CLEP Exam Fee


LEAP Portfolio Processing Fee


Returned Check Fee


Transcript of Credits (after first request)


Deferred Payment Plan (1 term)


Deferred Payment Plan (multi-term)


Deferred Payment Plan Late Fee


Graduation Fee - Undergrad


Graduation Fee - Graduate program


Replacement Diploma (each)


CASA (new testing)


ACCUPLACER retake fee (after 3rd attempt)


Graduate Program Application Fee


Undergraduate Late Registration Fee


Honors Learning Trip Insurance


Michael Schmaltz
Michael Schmaltz

Director of Student Financial Services
Room 103
(219) 473-4379

Michael Schmaltz is the new Director of Student Financial Services. Michael has over 17 years of financial aid experience, having served as a Director of Financial Aid for the majority of that time. He comes to us from Holy Cross College in Notre Dame, Indiana.

Eudelia Ramirez
Eudelia Ramirez

Business Office Clerk
Room 123
(219) 473-4232

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Important Information

  • Error on Account
  • Refund Policies
  • Returned Check Policy

Each student is responsible for payment of additional tuition and fees in the event of class changes and/or errors in calculations upon completion of the audit.

Student Refunds on Account

All refund balances due to students are provided by the third party vendor Heartland ECSI. In order to deliver funds in the most expedient manner, students must sign up for direct deposit by clicking HERE and using the login information emailed to them from Heartland ECSI. Students who do not sign up for direct deposit will be mailed a check from the vendor, which will take up to 10 business days. Be sure to keep your address on file current and complete.
If the student has any questions, please contact Heartland ECSI Customer Service at 1.844.760.6052 or ECSI also offers online chat for an extra convenience:

State Refund Policy Financial Aid Requirements

Any student qualifying for state aid who withdraws within the first four weeks of the semester is not entitled to state aid. All state monies will be returned.

Add, Drop, and Withdrawal Timeline

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Add Or Drop Must have instructor’s permission to withdraw Must have instructor’s permission to withdraw
No tuition charge Prorated tuition charge Full tuition charge

Student Refund Schedule for 2017-2018

Traditional Program (Fall 2017)
§ 100% through September 12, 2017
§ 75% through September 19, 2017
§ 50% through September 26, 2017
§ 25% through October 3, 2017
§ 0% after October 3, 2017

Traditional Program (Spring 2018)
§ 100% through January 23, 2018
§ 75% through January 30, 2018
§ 50% through February 6, 2018
§ 25% through February 13, 2018
§ 0% after February 13, 2018

Summer 2018 (First 7-Week Term)
§ 100% through May 14, 2018
§ 50% through May 21, 2018

Summer 2018 (Second 7-week Term)
§ 100% through July 2, 2018
§ 50% through July 9, 2018

Weekend Courses
§ 100% prior to first day of class;
§ 75% through Monday after the 1st class weekend;
§ 0% after Monday following the 1st class meeting.

* Accelerated, Elementary Education (Day Cohort), Graduate, Summer Short Session Programs are unique and their refund schedules differ. Refer to the appropriate Program Handbook for more information.

The return of a check issued to Calumet College of St. Joseph will result in a $50.00 service charge per check placed against the account of the student on whose behalf the check was presented. Each account will be allowed two (2) returned checks after which payment by check will not be accepted. All returned checks will be forwarded to the prosecutor's office if the amount of the check plus the service fee have not been paid within ten (10) business days of the non-payment.

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