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Exercise & Sports Science

The Exercise and Sports Science (EXSS) minor is designed for students who desire a greater understanding of the physiological and biomechanical principles of exercise and fitness. The minor provides coursework in biomechanical principles, prevention and treatment of athletic injuries, exercise leadership, and health behavior.

Interim Department Chair: Br. Ben Basile

Program Director: Ahmed Lakhani, Ph.D.

Faculty: Ahmed Lakhani, Ph.D.; Elizabeth Musser, BSHA; Tracy Stone, M.S., CSCS.; Karen Dade; Ron Kozlowski; Sandra Chimon-Rogers, Ph.D.

Program Objectives

  1. Demonstrate a sound foundational knowledge and understanding of kinesiology as it relates to responses and adaptations to physical activity and exercise.
  2. Demonstrate basic laboratory skills pertaining to assessments, laboratory methods, and sound experimental and analytical practices, data acquisition and reporting in the exercise sciences.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of the importance and influence of physical activity, kinesiology, nutrition and exercise on health and be an advocate for physically active lifestyles as a means to improve quality of life and reduce the risk and prevalence of lifestyle related diseases.
  4. Plan, administer, and evaluate wellness and fitness programs, nutrition projects, and exercise physiology tracks based in sport, clinical, industrial, and/or corporate environments.
  5. Demonstrate requisite skills and abilities for meaningful employment in exercise science related areas or pursue graduate studies in an exercise science related area.


Career options with this minor include but are not limited to:

  • Fitness Industry: Fitness leader, personal trainer, fitness equipment, salesperson, or center manager.
  • Corporate/Employee Wellness: Wellness coordinator, exercise physiologist or fitness director.
  • University/College: Strength and conditioning coach, campus fitness director or laboratory coordinator.

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Program Details

Minor Requirements in the Sciences

Requirements:19 credit hours

EXSS 200 Certified Personal Trainer (2)
EXSS 400 Principles of Conditioning (3)
EXSS 410 First Responder (2)
EXSS 415 Fitness Assessment (3)
EXSS 420 Techniques & Practices of Strength and Conditioning (1)
EXSS 425 Techniques & Practices of Exercise Instruction (1)
EXSS 435 Kinesiology/Kinesiology Lab (4)
EXSS 496 Special Topics in Exercise and Sports Science (3)

Total credit hours: 19


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