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General Studies Program

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The General Studies Program, part of General Education at CCSJ is cross-disciplinary in character, and is intended for students whose interests and goals fall outside the framework of a traditional major. The General Studies Program offers a B.S. degree representing a broad-based education. Rather than aiming at a particular field, students acquire general skills and obtain necessary knowledge to become contributing members of society, capable of fulfilling their civic and social roles across society.

An academic advisor, in consultation with the Program Director, assists the student in the completion of degree requirements.

Program Director: Carrie Hutton, M.S., M.S.E., Ed.D

Program Requirements

B.S. in General Studies (120 hours)

The following courses are required for a major in General Studies:

  • 38 hours: General Education
  • 12 hours: Mid-level courses in major
    • Mid-level courses (level 200 and above)
    • General Education courses are excluded from mid-level courses above.
  • 21 hours: Upper-level courses in major
    • Upper level courses in concentration (300-400 level courses)
    • Note: some 200 level courses may apply as upper level courses to the Baccalaureate degree with permission of program director
  • 4 hours: Upper Level Courses in General Studies
    • GST 400 General Studies Seminar
    • GST 499 Integrative Project
  • 45 hours: Electives

Individual courses of study must be approved by the VPAA to ensure integrity.


GST 400 General Studies Seminar
1 hours
This course will assist students with career-decision making skills and information concerning job opportunities. Students will prepare resumes, learn interview techniques and learn to write professional emails. Finally, they will be introduced to professional online networks, e.g. LinkedIn, and acquire polished skills for social media. This course is taken during the same semester as the student’s final integrative project

GST 499 Integrative Project
3 hours
Under the supervision of the Program Director and another faculty member from an appropriate discipline, the student engages in an integrative project requiring (1) either a written research paper, or a multimedia project with a descriptive essay, or (2) an oral presentation about the project. This course is normally taken in the student’s final semester of study.

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