The Honors Learning Community:
A World Beyond the Classroom

The HLC has an added incentive: in their junior year HLC students will receive an expenses paid international trip designed to engage them in the world beyond the classroom. Past destinations included London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, New York City and Washington D.C. These trips prepare HLC students to take their place in the world by teaching them cultural awareness, respect for individual differences, and giving them first-hand knowledge of the best our culture has to offer.

  • Admission
  • Benefits
Entry to the honors learning community is based on merit: for entering first-year students, this merit is indicated by outstanding performance in high school or on standardized tests. Meanwhile, every enrolled first-year student is eligible for entry through their Learning Community Portfolio. Select second-year students can also enter the HLC through a combination of letters of recommendation from faculty, a GPA of over 3.5, a record of service to the institution and portfolio work.
  • Leadership & Service Opportunities. Through mentoring, student- ambassadorship, and service learning, students will develop a clear, vivid idea of their future as leaders, and begin to construct a clear picture of what real-world success looks like, and how to achieve it.
  • Dedicated Honors Scholarships. Students in the Honors Learning Community may qualify for the St. Gaspar's Honors Scholarship, which rewards students up to $2,500 per semester.
  • Special Activities. Students who participate in the honors retreats, cultural events at theaters and museums, campus-wide recognition banquets, dinners with faculty members, etc. This is a great way to start networking and to share life-changing learning experiences.
  • Honors Transcript and Degree. Students who graduate in the honors program will have that notation recorded on their diplomas and permanent records. This is a valuable professional development opportunity and valuable addition to resumes.
  • Graduate School Preparation. The added rigor of HLC classes coupled with integrated learning experiences serve as an ideal preparation for continuing educational opportunities.

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