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Who We Are:

We are a select group of "high-ability" students committed to CCSJ's Five Pillars. Our patron saint, St. Gaspar, lived a life of fighting against all odds to educate and inspire people on the margins of society. In all senses of the word, he was a teacher and a dreamer. As students, our ultimate focus is on doing justice in the world, and having as much meaningful fun as we can along the way.

Who We Are Not:

If you've ever been near an "AP" class in high school, you know they do more, earlier, faster. That's not us. Instead, we focus on Leadership, Initiative, and Curiosity. We are a group of individuals pursuing qualities not test scores.

Rewards and Responsibilities:

Students in the program perform at least ten hours of service in the community each semester, with an eye on growing a professional portfolio of experiences. They also take GENL 290H, The Honors Seminar, a place where we have guest speakers, focus on current problems, and plot to slowly take over the world. Students also take Honors Courses, or engage in Honors Options in traditional courses. Students in the program receive a broad range of opportunities, a minimum of $2000 in scholarships each academic year, and finally, their junior year take an expenses paid trip to Europe.

Graffiti artist Flex Maldonado speaks to an Honors Seminar

Graffiti artist Flex Maldonado speaks to an Honors Seminar.

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