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The Integrated Studies Program, part of General Education, offers B.S. and A.S. degrees in Integrated Studies, a cross-disciplinary approach to study. The associate’s degree program provides the fundamental skills and knowledge in reading, writing, speaking, critical thinking, math, and technology that are essential to college success, and it enables students to move seamlessly into bachelor’s degree programs at CCSJ. The baccalaureate program allows students to design a customized and specific course of study to best suit their educational and professional objectives. Further, this degree allows students the freedom of studying subjects in a holistic and contextual way.

An academic advisor in consultation with the Program Director assists the student in the development of a program of study.

Program Director: Carrie Hutton, M.S., M.S.E.; and Mark Cassello, M.A.

  • Mission Statement
  • Objectives
  • Program Director

Integrated Studies students engage in an integrated approach to learning with emphasis on critical thinking and communication skills.

Upon completion of this program, it is expected that students will:

  • Demonstrate an ability to integrate knowledge from chosen disciplines; and
  • Demonstrate an ability to write and speak clearly, logically and in sufficient depth and detail on topics students have studied.
Joseph Kovach
Joseph Kovach

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Program Requirements

  • B.S.
  • A.S.
  • Courses

B.S. in Integrated Studies (120 hours)

The following courses are required for a baccalaureate degree:

  • 54 hours: General Education

  • 30 hours: Requisites for the Major (common body of knowledge)
    Upper level courses in concentration (300-400 level courses).
    Note: some 200 Level courses may apply as upper level courses to the baccalaureate degree with permission of program director.
    IST 499 Integrative Project
    General Education courses are excluded from major courses above.

  • 36 hours: Electives

A.S. in Integrated Studies (59 hours)

The following courses are required for the Associates degree:

  • EWPC 103 English Composition (EWPC 103 Portfolio required)
    CMIS 115 Computer Literacy
    EWPC 150 Public Speaking

    THEO 110 Social Justice
    PLSC 220 American Political Systems
    GEOL 110/110L Earth and Space Science

    MATH 110 Finite Math
    ECON 160 Economic Theory & Personal Finance
    EWPC 104 Academic Reading and Writing

    HUMS 110 The Foundations of Western Culture
    HIST 120 Western Civilization
    THEO 130 Global Religions in Dialogue (Signature Assignment 1)

    SCIE 101/102L Science
    PSY 100 Intro to PSYh
    Elective (BSMT 350 Business Communications is recommended)

    PHIL 200 Great Philosophical Ideas (Signature Assignment 2)
    EWPC 111 The Literary Experience
    ARTS 270 Intro to Visual Arts
    Elective – A 2-credit hour CPR class can fulfill this requirement.

IST 499 Integrative Project
3 hours
Under the supervision of the Program Director and another faculty member from an appropriate discipline, the student engages in an integrative project requiring (1) either a written research or reflective paper, or a multimedia program with a descriptive essay, and (2) an oral presentation about the purpose, key points and learning outcomes of project. This course is normally taken in the student’s final semester of study.

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