This guide was created to help students in the Human Services program (Counseling and Social Services) find books, eBooks, research articles, and other resources available in the Specker Library and online. This guide has been broken down based on different types of resources available in the library and online. Use the tabs above to navigate the guide. As always, if you need help or have any questions, please be sure to reach out to the library. Our contact information and hours of operation are listed on the right. 
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Books & Videos
The HQ, HV, and BF sections of the library, all located on the first floor of the library, contain books related to counseling, social work, and psychology. Relevant videos are located at the Circulation Desk. Use the search box at the bottom to find additional books. 


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The Specker Library has a selection of eBooks in the area of social work and counseling that students can read. Below is a small sample of some of the eBooks available. Use the search box at the bottom to find additional eBooks. 

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Recommended Databases
The following is a list of specialized (covering one area or discipline) and multidisciplinary (covering many disciplines or subject areas) databases to consult for research in the area of counseling and social work. Click on the title to access the database. 

PsycARTICLES-   Provides access to over 153,000 articles from eighty psychology journals published by the American Psychological Association, the Canadian Psychological Association, and other organizations. Click here to learn more.
Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition  -  A database providing access to articles from some five hundred and fifty journals published in the disciplines of nursing and medicine. Learn more  about this database. 
Health Business FullTEXT -   Although the content of this database focuses primarily on administration and management in the health care field, the database also provides access to articles on many other topics in health care. Learn more about this database.
JSTOR  -  A multidisciplinary database providing access to articles, books, and other content from almost every discipline, including "Social Work" and "Psychology." Scrolling down to the bottom of the the main page allows you to select the disciplines or area(s) you would like to search in.  Learn more about this database. 
Academic Search Premier  -  A multidisciplinary database providing full-text articles from some 4,600 journals and almost every discipline. Learn more about this database. 
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Limit Your Results
Don't Forget!
When searching the web, it is important to evaluate each source to ensure it is credible. Learn more about the criteria you should consider when evaluating information found on the web. 
Professional Associations

National Organization for Human Services
National Association of Social Workers

Clinical Social Work Association
National Association of Black Social Workers
National Children's Alliance

Child Welfare League of America‚Äč 
National Association for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC)

Indiana Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care

Indiana Association for Addiction Professionals