The purpose of this guide is to introduce students to the resources available in the Specker Library and online in the field of psychology. This guide has organized based on different types of resources available, with each tab above representing one resource. Below you will see the information that will be found under each tab.
  • Books - Includes a selection of books and eBooks you can consult to find information within the field of Psychology. 
  • Articles - Provides a list of databases available through the library that you can consult to find research articles.
  • Web Resources - Includes a list of online resources you can consult.
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The BF section of the library, library 1st floor, contains psychology books which can be checked out. Below is a small selection of the books that we have available. Use the "Library Catalog" tool at the bottom to find additional books in our library. 

  Source : Library Catalog (Google Images)
Book & Video Search
Search for books, videos, and reference resources available at the Specker Library.


Psychology eBooks
The Specker Library offers students a total of one hundred and sixty-six psychology eBooks. Below is a small selection of the type of eBooks available. Use the search box at the bottom to search for more eBooks. 
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Use the form below to search for eBooks.
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The following is a list of core psychology and multidisciplinary databases that you should consider when searching for research articles in the field of psychology. Click on the title to open the database. 

PsycARTICLES-   Provides access to over 153,000 articles from eighty psychology journals published by the American Psychological Association (APA), the Canadian Psychological Association, and other organizations from 1894 to present. Click here to learn more about this database. 

Academic Search Premier - Provides access to articles from nearly every area of study, including psychology. The database indexes over 8,000 journals. Learn more about Academic Search Premier. 
ERIC  - Provides access to thousands of educational and education-related journals. Although intended for research in the field of education, the database provides access to many psychology-related journals and articles. Learn more about this database. 
Note: If you are off-campus and you click on one of the links above, you will be prompted to enter a student ID # and your last name. 
Search Databases
Use the tool below to search one or more of the databases on the left. By default, the tool will retrieve only full-text articles (articles that we have access to) and those that are peer-reviewed (reviewed by experts in that field). Change these settings under the "Limit Your Results" section below. 
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Don't Forget!
When searching the web and looking at sources, it is important to evaluate each source to ensure it is credible. Learn more about the criteria you should consider when evaluating information found on the web. 
Background Information
The following is a list of freely accessible reference resources that you can use to find quick background information. 


Encyclopedia of Psychology (Psychcentral)

Psychology Dictionary


Psychology's Feminist Voices

Psychology & Counseling Careers Guide

Professional Associations
The following is a list of national, state (Indiana), and regional associations you can consult to find additional information and resources. 


American Psychological Association :   


Indiana Psychological Association 


Midwestern Psychological Association 
Other Resources

The following is selection of directories that organize and link to relevant online content relating to Psychology. As always, be sure to evaluate each website to ensure that it is a credible source.  
Encyclopedia of Psychology Directory 

AmoebaWeb .edu/psychology/amoebaweb/