Traditional Internships

The Internship Experience

Internships provide the best way to become educated about your future career.  Learning by doing and being exposed to professionals working in the field provides valuable experience, a professional reference, and may lead to a position upon graduation.  The Internship Program at CCSJ provides opportunities for students, employers, and the College to collaborate in developing career-related experiences and helps students compete in today’s tight job market.

For the CCSJ Internship Approval form, click on the following link of Internship Approval Form_2017_

For the CCSJ 2016-17 Internship Manual, click on the following link to the PDF of Internship Manual _posted_sept 2017

For the CCSJ Internship “10 Step Guide,” please click on the following link to the PDF of CCSJ Career Services Guide to Internships_Ten Steps_Sept

For information about the various academic programs with Internship Experience opportunities, please check out the following brochures of Majors with individual URL links as follows:

For information about current position openings, please click on the Url link of  Open Positions

 Internship Articles of Interest