View Our EEON 2016-17 Associates

Mariana Portela Barragan

EEON Location:  Humane Society Calumet Area, Inc. 

Major:  Biomedical Science                         Job Description: Lab Technician

Extracurricular Activities: Mariana is a member of St. Gaspar’s Honors Learning Community and President of the CCSJ Glee Club. She also is on the President’s List and is a member of the Rowing Club.  Much of her volunteer experience is with non-profit organizations that protect, help and rescue animals.

About Mariana:
Mariana volunteers as a tutor. She received both a Trustee Scholarship for Academic Achievement and an athletic scholarship for tennis. Mariana has participated in the Neuroscience Initiative to Enhance Diversity program at UC Davis and also presented a research poster at the Chicago Area Undergraduate Research Symposium (CAURS).



Indigo Beilfuss

Year: Junior

Major: Psychology

EEON Location: Crisis Center


Erwin Herman Krackow

Year: Junior

Major: Business Management

EEON Location: Wolf Lake Initiative

Job Description: Wolf Lake Initiative Business Intern

Extracurricular Activities: Erwin served as the International Student vice-president during Spring 2016 semester and will be the President starting this coming Fall 2016 term.

About Erwin: He is a Tennis player for CCSJ on an Athletic Scholarship. Erwin’s professional interests include logistics, planning, managing, financing, and marketing . He looks forward to acquiring further knowledge in each area.

Professional Interests: Erwin’s professional interests include logistics, planning, managing, financing, and marketing . He looks forward to acquiring further knowledge in each area. He’s been on the CCSJ President’s list, May 2014 to present. Erwin is bilingual (a Spanish native).  He also was Top Sophomore and Junior GPA as an athlete.

Tiffany Galindo

Year: Junior

Major: Criminal Justice

EEON Location: East Chicago Police Department

Franklin Agbejimi

Year: Junior

Major: Biomedical Engineering

EEON Location: CCSJ Athletics – Trainer’s Office

Extracurricular Activities: Boxing, Ju Jitsu

Job Description: Assistant Athletic Trainer

Professional Interests: Franklin looks to earn his degree and pursue his doctorate in physical therapy with that title he looks to open his open practice helping various groups of people from the geriatric to professional athletes.

Additional Information: Franklin is a junior in Calumet College of St. Joseph. He is the vice-president of the Philosophy club and a standing member of the “Black student union.” He has been on the Dean’s list and stands at a 3.1 GPA. He volunteers for his local church bringing inner city kids every Sunday to services and teaches them self-defense.


Deonta Pittman

Year: Junior

Major: Computer Information Systems

EEON Location: Hammond Education Foundation, CCSJ

Job Description: Computer Program Administrator

Extracurricular Activities: Deonta runs Cross Country, and is a member of the Track and Field team. He also enjoys reading, as well as playing basketball, football, and video games.

Professional Interests: Deonta wants to become a software developer, so he can build his own software, and mobile apps one day.

Additional Information: Deonta’s dream is to one day be able to work for Google Inc.


Kelsi Brezinski         

Year: Senior         

Major: Criminal Justice

EEON Location: CCSJ Career Services

Job Description: Alumni Tracker

Elizabeth Sanchez

Year: Junior

Major: Paralegal Studies

EEON Location: Jack Gray Transport

Extracurricular Activities: Elizabeth is the treasurer of the Legal Club.

Professional Interests: Elizabeth is interested in Business Law, Human Resources, Wills & Trusts, and Contracts.

Renee Romero

Year: Junior

Major: Accounting/Business Management

EEON Location: Matthew Baker, Inc.

Job Description: Client Services Associate

Professional Interests: Renee enjoys doing Event planning / Marketing.

Additional Information: Renee is a transfer student.

Luis Munoz

Year: Junior

Major: Education

EEON Location: Hammond Education Foundation

Job Description: Operations Coordinator

Extracurricular Activities: Luis runs Cross Country, and is a member of the Track and Field team. He is also a member of the St. Gaspar Honors Learning Community.

Professional Interests: Luis does tutoring and education.

Additional Information: Luis has had four years of internship experience prior to EEON.

Isabela Kuchina

Year: Junior

Major: Art

EEON Location: Studio 659


Matthew Jackson

Year: Junior

Major: Biomedical Science

EEON Location: CCSJ – Science Lab

Job Description: Lab Technician/Assistant (T.A.)

Extracurricular Activities: Matthew is on the baseball team.

Professional Interests: Matthew wants to be a doctor, or orthopedic.

Nicco Vicari

Year: Junior

Major: Accounting

2nd Major: Business

EEON Location: Jack Gray Transport

Extracurricular Activities: Nicco is the Bowling Team Captain. He also is the Student Government Vice President.

Professional Interests: Nicco’s aspirations are to get a MBA, and to work in corporate Finance/Investment banking.

Kellen Dohrman

Year: Senior

Major: Psychology

EEON Location: Habitat for Humanity


Claire Schapker

Year: Junior

Major: Business Management

EEON Location: Habitat for Humanity