EEON Partners

The Enterprise Expansion Opportunity Network is an initiative of Calumet College of St. Joseph (CCSJ) to support the growth of  Northwest Indiana businesses and other organizational partners, while improving the job prospects of Indiana college graduates, as well as students pursuing a range of higher education credentials and degrees.

EEON Partners enjoy the following benefits:

• Early access and cultivation of talented people who have leadership potential.
• An opportunity to hire individuals who understand the nature of the company’s business, its corporate culture, and its clients.
• Obtaining talent that have already been trained and coached to contribute from Day One.
• Receiving better trained workers by helping shape CCSJ’s curriculum to meet the needs of today’s job market.
• Saving on the cost of recruiting, developing, and training new employees.
• Access to our professional graduate network.

EEON Partners also benefit from two-way communication between their organization and our institution. This communication ensures the proper “fit” between EEON Associates and a business’ needs. EEON Associates get to know and understand your business even before they arrive for their first day on the job.

EEON Associates add value to the company’s bottom line. In addition to the 300 hours of labor provided over a 30-week period for one year–or 600 hours of labor provided over a 60-week period for two years–EEON Partners also save time and money recruiting, screening, matching, coaching, and training potential employees. While simultaneously knowing and coaching our students, EEON Partners are able to groom future leaders for their businesses with little expense.

EEON Partners receive access to the exclusive CCSJ network of college graduates to meet immediate workforce goals and provide experienced, seasoned professionals. For a brochure about EEON Partnerships, please click on the following  URL link to the publication EEON Brochure_Partners_2017_sept 12.  For details on benefits, please click on the following link of EEON Associate and Partner Handbook 2017_sept 2017.docx summary which is a  helpful resource in detailing the experience and listing current participants.  For a copy of the EEON Employer Memorandum of Agreement form, please click on the following URL link of EEON MOU _ July 2017.docx

Contact Information

Dino Ramirez

Coordinator, Career Services

Academic Advising Department, Office 100B


Address: 2400 New York Avenue, Whiting, IN 46394

Telephone: (219) 473-4253
FAX: (219) 473-4277