Cesar Chavez–“Creative Nonviolence”

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I’ve found that the majority of my students have heard the name Cesar Chavez.  And they have no clue who this man was or what he wrote and taught.  The film biopic of Chavez’s life is probably meant to remedy this a bit.  (I have yet to see it).  But my hunch is that next year the majority of my students will still be clueless. So, I thought I’d post one of his short essays here.  It is called “Creative Nonviolence” and was originally published in The Catholic Worker in 1969.  It can most easily be found on page 64 in a book edited by Ilan Stavans, entitled Cesar Chavez: An Organizer’s Tale (Penguin Classics 2008).  Read it if you have a chance.  Hopefully I’m not breaking any copyright laws and can post a few more. 


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